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Many could say that Science Fiction movies have increased in popularity as of late and therefore the standard has to reach a larger audience so delivering constant quality is important. Gamer is no exception or at least it should not be, the concept is quite original and should appeal to a wider audience. Gerard Butler takes the lead as a participant in a game online, its is not your ordinary average game however, in this one participants can actually control human beings as players, a clever twist on your average game.

The game in question cleverly titled “slayers” is the vicious creation of rich boy Ken played by Dexters leading man Michael C Hall. Users can therefore act out their fantasies no matter how twisted and dark they may be online with a wide scale audience. The overall concept of the plot is quite original and unique but the strong amount of violence some may find quite graphic and unsettling, the director really tries to show the extreme level that Ken is taking his “slayers” so perhaps a blood bath gladiator style fighting is actually the right way to go and a good move in the overall film.

The quick speed camera worked well in most action sequences but can sometimes the shaky cam action does not work and could be toned down a little, however the surrounding music is perfect and really takes you on this journey in the real life game world that our characters are living. Now the actors took on their roles well and throughout the film were as believable as could be, I found Gerard Butler a perfect match for the role, he really fit the “hero, lead fighter” role quite well. Overall Gamer is a good addition to Sic Fi movies, just go in and watch with a clear perspective and do not take it to seriously, it is worthy of a viewing or two.


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