The importance of Calculus

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The term “Calculus” often makes math students tremble in fear due to its reputation of being a tough course to get through in schools today. Calculus plays a big role in most universities today as college students in the fields of economics, science, business, engineering, computer science, and so on are required to take Calculus as prerequisites.

Prospective students in Calculus are required to know advanced concepts in its prerequisites which consist of rigorous learning of advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, and regular Geometry. A student’s success depends heavily in knowing the fundamentals of these courses. A student’s success in Calculus also depends on the instructor’s ability to explain the concepts thoroughly in a comprehensible and professional manner and most importantly, success depends on the student’s determination and willingness to learn. In addition, schools’ requirements should be strictly improved so students will be forced to work harder and utilize their true potential and thus take math seriously with the best of their abilities.

Some people, particularly mathematicians, do find Calculus to be really interesting, doing it either for their chosen profession or for fun, and in some cases doing it for sports, while some won’t even bother to lift a pen or pencil to learn even the most basic of Calculus – believing math to be not necessary and nonsense, therefore not worth spending some time on.

People have to realize that if it wasn’t for math-related subjects, we wouldn’t be enjoying all the most popular technologies today such as cars, cell phones, computers, motorcycles, etc. Mathematics can be considered to be the source of today’s modern world.


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