How to Deal with a Loved one Suffering with a Mental Disorder

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If you are fighting for a loved with a mental disorder one to get help, you know there is something wrong, approach them with love. Let them know how much you love them, and let them know there is nothing you will not do to help them. Let them know how scary it must be to go in to the doctor, but you will go with and be by their side. This can be a difficult battle, especially if they insist nothing is wrong. You may have to let them fall on their own. In other words, things may have to get worse before they get better. This does not mean you need to give them money or even a place to stay. Just be an open ear, willing to listen and not judge.

If your loved one has seen a doctor, offer to go to any new appointments with them. Let them know how important it is to keep getting treatment, and let them know how courageous they are for getting help.
Be supportive, again listen and try not to judge. Try to get other family members involved in supporting your loved one with a mental disorder. Do not let the disease fall completely on your lap. You must take care of yourself through this process. If things become to overwhelming, take a break. Let your loved one know you will check in on them in a few days. You can even say you will be busy for a few days, if you need to.

It is easy for us to judge. “Why are they talking to themselves, just stop it!” “Why do they keep threatening to hurt themselves, they just want attention.” Wrong! Everyone is different, and no one wishes mental illness upon themselves. Trust me, if they could quit their behavior they would, it is easier said then done.

Treat people as you want to be treated. This is easily said, and so much harder to do. You can be the difference in someones life. Do not expect an award, but at the same time, you will like yourself more. Having patience, leads to more patience and a new you. You will become a better person, because of it. Lead with your heart and radiate with love and understanding!


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