Some of the Most Dangerous Snakes in the World

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Kraits are black or a bluish black with white, narrow bands down the body.  They are a highly poisonous snake, found only in Asia.  A Krait will eat other snakes, mice, lizards, frogs and even snakes from of its own species.  Being nocturnal creatures, they sleep or remain inactive during the day and hunt at night.  Their habitats consist of dense jungle, open fields and human settlements.  The venom of a Krait is said to be 15 times more lethal than that of a common Cobra.

Russell’s Viper
Russell’s Vipers cause thousands of deaths each year in Asia and is the main cause of death in Sri Lanka alone.  Their body background color is most often brown, tan or deep yellow.  Three rows of black circles run the length of the body and the underbelly is normally cream.  Russell’s Vipers are active at night and can become highly aggressive if irritated.  They will almost always administer a lethal dose of venom when it strikes its prey.  Their main diets are rodents but they will eat scorpions, land crabs, house cats, rats, lizards and squirrels as well.  They live in shrubbery, grassland, farmland and in the great wide open.

Black Mamba
The Black mamba receives its name not from its obvious grey or olive body color, but from its dark black mouth.  They grow to an average length of 8.5 feet, making them Africa’s largest venomous snake.  They are also one of the fastest snakes in the world, being able to travel over 12 miles per hour.  Black mamba’s mainly live in the African grasslands however, they can also be found in trees, bushes and even homes.  Their diet consists mainly of rodents and small animals, occasionally a bird may be eaten.  Typically, Black mambas will not eat other snakes, and reptiles.  They hunt both day and night and when given the chance, bask in the warm sun.

Puff Adder
The Puff Adder is the heaviest and second largest viper in the world, growing up to 7 feet.  There bodies are long and thick with a short tail. Their colors vary depending on the habitat in which they live.  Some colors include gray, brown, light yellow and orange-brown.  They have two distinct dark circles around the eyes and a broad, triangle shaped head.  The Puff Adder is considered Africa’s deadliest snake, causing many human deaths each year.  Many who survive a bite from a Puff Adder have to have arms or legs amputated.  Puff Adders live in savannahs, grasslands and rather close to human habitats.  They are a nocturnal creature and feed on rodents, birds, small mammals, lizards and amphibians.


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