Quiz: A Matter of Horror!

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How much time do you need to answer these questions? (The answers are in the links!)

  1. “The Inssmouth Incident” plays an important role in the Cthulhu Mythos, invented by the horror writer Gustav Meyrinck , Howard Phillips Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe .
  2. A famous quote of “The Night of the Living Dead” , a 1968 classic horror movie by George A. Romero, was: “They are coming to eat you, honey!” or “They are coming to get you, Barbara!” or “I am coming to eat you, sugar!”
  3. “Double, Double, Toile and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble!” is a quote from a story written by Howard Phillips Lovecraft about the witch Elizabeth Selwyn (in 1960 turned into the movie City of the Dead/Horror Hotel) or it is a quote from a Frankenstein tale , or it is a quote from the cursed Shakespeare play “Macbeth” .
  4. In his story “The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”, Edgar Allan Poe insinuated that a French girl got killed because of a premature burial , or that she was murdered by the dark poet Charles Baudelaire , or that she was murdered by an unknown sailor (who was his alter ego, as Marie Rogêt was the alter ego of a girl murdered in New York).
  5. “Nadesawo” is the name of a sadistic Roman emperor ,  the title of an enchanted chant by Nando or the “personal demon” of Elizabeth Selwyn.
  6. The name of the composer of “Vampire Thoughts” is Nando, Harry Hurror or Patrick Bernauw.
  7. The author of “The Bowmen” was Patrick Bernauw , Arthur Machen or Gustav Meyrink .

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