A new world part two

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Walking down the corridor I looked up, it was long and made of solid concrete with long florescent lights at five meter intervals along it. Every now and then we’d pass a door way, and I wondered again, what was behind it. Jacob shadowed behind me whilst Robin and Connor had their arms draped over each other on my left.

“So… this makes things sort of difficult,” it was Connor who broke the silence.

“You tell, me at least you can remember who you are.”

“Suppose so…,” Silence surrounded us again as we continued walking.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Seeing as you have lost your entire memory we’re going to our cinema so you can learn what a shit hole you’ve woken up in, then well access your skills and see whether or not you’ll be any good out in the field,” it was Robin this time.

“What do you mean shit hole?”

“Where hear so you can find out,” Connor said as he turned sharply to his right and opened a metal door. Inside there was a digital projector hooked up to a laptop on a small table, around it there was half a dozen steel chairs. “Take a seat.” Sitting down I looked up at the white screen. There was the sound as windows logged in and the screen buzzed to life. On it was a copy of windows vista and its media player. Jacob sat at the computer and opened up a file called ‘the world for newbies.’ I sat and watched the images bluer over the screen trying to digests the horrifying truth. When it finished I said one thing

“Play it again,” and they did, over and over again, I watched it four times. My mind wanted them to be lying but my rational side took over and said that they had no reason to. I sat there four ten minutes swallowing it all, Robin brought over a glass of water, a test paper and a pencil. Silently I accepted the truth and started the paper. Most of the questions where your Maths and English type, but as the paper went on they became more ambitious and began to move on to medicine and explosives before finally moving onto guns. When I was finished I passed the paper back for her to mark.

“So this world, its destroyed?”

“Pretty much, after the super bug we were all doomed.” Connor answered.

“And we are where?”

“An old military base, we found it stocked with weapons and fortified it to keep the out, we named the place Anastasia after the Russian princess who can never be accounted for.”

“So where the Russian princess, the humans who can’t be accounted for?”

“you’ve hit the nail on the head.”

“Okay test results are back,” Robin piped up, “Above average results in Maths and English, Weaponry and Medicine top marks and I give you one for thinking up there,” She said whilst smiling, “You’ll do fine.”

“Alright let go to the armory and let’s see this guy in action,” said Connor


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