How to get 2000 followers per week

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Twitter is a great way to market online, get referrals, and use programs such as RevTwit. This guide will teach you how to get thousands of followers with little effort and little time.

First thing to do is make a twitter account. You want to make your account name and Bio relevant to what you will be advertising or posting about, if you wont be advertising anything than it doesn’t matter.

Once you are signed up for twitter go to and fill in the information.

When your in Buzzom TWITin the first thing you need to do is click “Grow” (one of the tabs at the top of the page). It will bring you to an acceptance page on twitter, click allow this program and wait to be redirected to Buzzom, if you are not redirected exit Twitter and go back to

Sign back in to Buzzom, click on the “Grow” tab, click generate list and wait until the list stops growing at 50 names. Click select all, than click follow. Repeat this steps multiple times until you are following 300-500 people.

Wait 12 hours before returning to buzzom, when you return you should have a few less people following you than you followed the other day. Unfollow people that did not follow you back.

Repeat these steps multiple times, make sure you do not follow more than 500 people a day.

To prove legitimacey to Twitter, make some friendly posts, such as ” Hi everyone, im new to twitte, some tips would be nice :)” and chat back to people if they ask you things. If you never use twitter for personal use, and purely for advertising you will be banned quickly as a spammer.

Once you have reached 2000-2500 followers you should slow down to only following a couple people a day that way you dont get banned.

As long as you post some personal posts in between advertising, you won’t get banned


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