Learn Hypnosis and Mind Control Scams

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Have you read this before- “Learn Hypnosis! Lose weight, quit smoking, learn how to control others…”? And did you fall for it?

I didn’t. And there’s no reason you should either.

I have a nine year old son who’s been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which is quite common and basically means he has a hard time focusing and staying both mentally and physically calm enough to focus. He’s been on many different medications, none of which did any good, and eventually I was led by one of my son’s teachers into a behavior modification program. It worked alright for a little while, he was able to relax and focus more on school work both while in school and at home. Unfortunately this didn’t last.

He was put into summer school and I was becoming desperate. My son is very bright yet his highest grades were in gym and art (I have nothing against either, but math and reading are just more important). His academic classes were barely pulling C’s, usually D’s and a few F’s. He just couldn’t focus and sit still long enough to learn or absorb what he was being taught, and was constantly getting so frustrated that he’d lash out and get into fights with both other students and teachers.

A good friend of mine recently went to a hypnotherapist to help her quit smoking. It took three weeks, three sessions per week, before she had quit smoking entirely. She told me I should set up an appointment for my son. And if I had the almost $3000 the program cost I absolutely would have. Instead, I tried to see what cheaper version I could find online, and I found a lot! I had a three page list of the “top selling”, “highest user rated”, and “money back guarantee” programs I could find. Some with the most ridiculous adds and claims which I almost didn’t even bother putting on my list just because they looked so absurd. I was looking to help my son, not “control people’s minds!”.

Then came the not-so-fun part, going through each program individually, making innumerable phone calls (thank God for unlimited nation wide calling plans!), and getting actual human beings on the phone. It took forever finding credible programs. Acually it only took about a month but it felt like forever. If I could in no way find a phone number I crossed the program off my list. If when I called I got an automated message and was unable to get a person or leave a message to get called back by a person, off the list that one went. If I left a message for a person and didn’t get a call back, or got a person or a call back by someone who just tried to sell and couldn’t give me any real information, bye bye! Crossed off the list.

Eventually I made it through the three pages and had narrowed my list of programs to try to seven. Some were quite expensive, other’s comparatively cheap. I continued to cut my list down by speaking to the highest up people I could find (never, NEVER talk to the sales people! And if they can’t connect you to an administrator or other higher up person, just hang up the phone!).

So I finally cut it down to three programs where after more ridiculous phone calls and research I was able to chose one. And believe it or not it was one of the programs that looked the LEAST professional upon first glance. Once I got my mind past the absurd sales page and actually talked to some live people, I decided to try this program.

Power of Conversational Hypnosis

The sales page is horrible and redundant, saying the same things in different ways over and over again. But after talking to real people (including the man who wrote the ridiculous sales page and giving him my two cents), I decided it was the one to try. And let me tell you, I am so glad I did! I started using what I was learning the first day I received the package, and after only one week I was seeing a difference in my son! Now its true it could have just been a mother’s wishful thinking, but when I started getting calls from his teachers about how well he was doing (instead of how many other children or teachers he had faught with that day) and his grades started improving, I knew I had done the right thing and this program was the key!

For all you out there who need help, this is it! I learned techniques to control my voice tones and volume that alone did wonders in helping my son stay calm and focused! So before you go and spend $3000 on a hypnotherapist (of course, if you can afford it than go right ahead, because they work!), try this product. I’ve already done the hard work for you (I wish someone had done it for me!) and the program is really quite cheap. Now, for no other reason than because it worked and there are so many people and kids out there who need help, I am writing this review.

Try the program yourself. They have a money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose and only a better life to gain.

Power of Conversational Hypnosis

Have a Great Day!


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