How To Watch Free Cable Channels On Your Television

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If your tired of paying for cable television than this article is for you. My son showed me how to hook up my computer to my television and watch cable channels for free.

I’m passing on this information to you in this article. I like shows like Son’s Of Anarchy on FX and other shows on other cable channels. The shows are normally one week after the original showing but I don’t care it just means I wait a week.

The first step would be that you have the Internet. I know you have to spend money but your not spending it on ordering cable.

Place your computer, either a lap top or regular computer next to your large screen television set. You will have to have either a wall jack for on-line service or a wireless set up. If you have a wireless computer it makes it a little easier to set up. 

 You will need two wires, one for audio and one for video. It cost around $50.00 for both wires which you can purchase at most retail store like best buy, target, or walmart.

After you hook up the wires make sure you can get a clear picture on your television. Once you’ve done that the next step is to go to a web site like, or, or any other site your aware of.

I use and I have reminders of the shows I like  to send me weekly updates of the shows I like. For examples:  the Son’s of Anarchy, the Event, desperate housewives and others every week. This way I don’t have to have TVO and other recording devices.

I still have cable television in my house but it costs me $30.00 for two rooms in my house. I was paying $70.00 for cable television. The reason I kept some cable is because I am able to have a separate dish for my motor home when I travel.


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