How to Know Whether your Dog Needs a Harness or Collar

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If you are a new small breed dog owner, you may not be aware that choosing whether your dog should wear a harness or collar is a very important decision. Because while collars are fine for large breeds, they are unsuitable for small breeds. its something that didnt cross my mind when we first purchased our pet maltese. Like many small breed dogs our is fiesty and likes to pull on the lead. Because he was wearing a collar, when he pulled , it put pressure against his tiny throat, causing him to choke. Toy breed dogs are especially prone to callapsing trachea, a condition that restricts breathing. I soon found out that wearing a collar could cause him serious injury and so corrected the situation quickly.

There are different types of harness’s. There is the step in harness, which is easy to put on and especially good for small breeds. The lupine harness is probably the most popular. It has two loops, one for the neck and one for the back. The lead is attached to the top middle. The lupine could be worn over clothing, so is ideal for cold wheather. I prefer vest type harness’s, they are easier to put on and lets face it, look cooler although I doubt if my dog cares.

If your dog pulls while you walk him, you may want to try a harness with the clasp underneath. This makes it uncomfortable for the dog to pull and is said to reduce that problem. You could also try a haulty harness for this.

Now, here is a useful tip. You can purchase harness’s online, at pet stores or boutiques, they usually cost from $15-$40 for a basic or designer vest. However if you check around at dicount clothing stores like TJ Max and Ross, you can find them cheaper. Walmart now has a good dog apparel selection with low, low prices. My wife recently purchased two fancy harness’s on sale for just $3.

When purchaing a harness make sure it fits, you should be able to get two fingers inside the harness when fastened. Be sure to replace it for a larger size as your dog gets bigger. So, regardless of type I hope you choose a harness for your dog or dogs, I am sure your dog will be happy.                    


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