Choosing Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes

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If you are a plus size woman, you might not be able to simply walk into a store and grab a cute costume. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy looking hot this Halloween, though! You can find women’s plus size Halloween costumes online if there aren’t any available in your area. But which one should you pick? Here are a few guidelines to follow.

Choose something comfortable. Yes, it’s only one night, but there’s no point in feeling miserable the entire time because the costume is too tight or too low cut for your comfort. Everyone has a different idea of what is comfortable, so make sure to pick a costume that not only fits, but covers enough of you that you won’t feel embarrassed. For some women, that might be very little, for others, it could mean a long, flowing dress.

Look for a flattering shape. Just because you aren’t size 2 doesn’t mean you can’t look hot! In fact, there are lots of women’s plus size Halloween costumes out there that are designed for curvier women and you need the curves to pull them off. Costumes like a Medieval serving wench don’t really work on skinny gals, so take advantage of those tighter waists and flowing skirts and make yourself look great.

Go all the way. If you are dressing like a goddess in a long flowing gown and cape, don’t wear sneakers under it all! And should you choose to be Death, then get the scythe to complete your costume. A truly awesome women’s plus size costume will be 100% about the character. This is your chance to enjoy being someone else for an evening!

Pick a costume you’ll enjoy. Are you settling because you can’t find a costume in your size? Don’t spoil your Halloween! Look online for other options. You’ll find that there are plenty of choices, no matter what your size, so don’t feel limited by what your local costume shop has to offer. Some women even whip up their own costumes, but if you aren’t feeling crafty or just don’t have the time, then you should definitely consider online options.

Women’s plus size Halloween costumes don’t have to be dreary or dull. In fact, women with curves can pull off some pretty cool outfits, including pirate ladies, princesses, goddesses and evil witches. There’s something for every taste, and every size, so take the time to look for the perfect outfit this Halloween and stun everyone!


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