Me? An internet Marketer?

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Here I sit infront of this computer. What am I doing? Well I start out at and check my messages, buy my hotties, kiss a few friends, then I proceed to place more ads. Sometimes I wonder if it is at all worth the time I spend. I don’t ask for alot. I have a good job but I want to go home. I have a small child who needs his mom, a new husband who needs his wife and two teens who are trying to control my home.

So one day I decided that the internet was a good place to start as far as working at home was concerned. I have been working on this for quite some time and I have made very little progress. Here is what I have done.

I started selling things on ebay. I sold a few things but by the time ebay was finished taking out fees, I had very little left. When I ran out of items that I had laying around the house, I went into drop shipping. I didn’t know at the time but it was a bad idea. The only hits I got were people who wanted to scam me. And they tried but I didn’t fall off the truck yesterday. So ebay was not for me.

Then I went to trying to sell and drop ship though craig’s list, inetgiant, and numerous other advertising sites and got nothing. Well actually I am wrong about that. I also sew scrub shirts, one of a kinds and made to order. I posted those on craig’s list and got flagged. Don’t know why, but I never posted there again.

One of the things I was very successful with was referral trading. I made almost $2000 doing it but it was hard to do and I usually didn’t get a response until about 3 am. But I would do it just to help put groceries in the house.

The next venture was to do some affiliate marketing. Well that is a joke. I have posted and posted and I think that it is just about impossible to have someone buy anything from me. Shoot, my brother can sell a set of barbells to a drowning man in the middle of the ocean and I can’t even get someone to give me just 1 click.

Well anyway. I figure that I must have alot to learn. That is why I am writing this blog. I have done some research and I have figured out a few things. First of all, all these programs that we see online about how to raise money on the internet are only making money for the guy who knows how to write “I need it now ads”.

So what I decided to do is a lot more research and I will report to you how it works. I will make this work because I am driven by the fact that my baby boy needs his MOM. And in the end maybe I can figure this thing out and go home to my child without loosing my income. What are you motivated by? 

I have started something alittle new. I am really excited about it but still have a ways to go. I went to a website that paid me, go figure, to read through it. Once I did, I bought into it. I have been digging through it because it has alot (and I do mean alot) of free information, ebooks, programs, etc. I sent out an email to all my friends and I have already made close to $200 on it. I hope to do more as I learn alittle about marketing and how to do it effectively.  

I will see you soon with my first learned lesson. Have a great day


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