My view on: World economy

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The financial climate world wide touches every one of us. I have been listening to a lot of financial geniuses and watching a lot of programs on TV about this. One in particular that comes to mind were one of Operah’s programs where she had Suze Orman on the program, while viewers showed their budget and told them what they wanted to do. Ms Orman then had to say whether they could afford it or not. 

It was right after I saw this that I had a quiet realization: we are actually building this bad economy ourselves. Everybody is asking the same questions, ‘how I can spend less’? We all suddenly believe ourselves to be short of money. The problem is that if everyone is spending less, business will be making less money. This means that businesses have less o spend and either have to pay their employees less or get rid of some of them. Al of this becomes very frustrating because now we get right back to where we started, we don’t have enough money.

Going through all of this we suddenly end up with more people without work and businesses pushing up prices to try to hold on to the profit volume they had before. Me, the little guy in the street, now ends up having to participate in this drive to spend less and cut costs. It’s a headache and in all of this confusion there one question no one asks. It is a simple little question but it seems everyone is just missing it.

On the Operah program one man put forth his budget, and wanted to send his daughter to a specific expensive college. Ms Orman’s verdict on this was a simple; you cannot afford it. Then she continued to explain that a less expensive education will work just as well. All of this is good and true. He were about to tie himself down with a loan he could not afford. Looking at his income, she was quite right. Yet she and everyone else omitted one question. How can we make it affordable?

This is my point of view. I am not willing to give up what I wand because I am taking financial strain. I ask myself; if I really want to go on this holiday, how am I going to find the money that I don’t have in my budget now. If I really want to drive that car, what am I going to do to increase my income so I can buy it and drive it. 

That is the question not asked. If you really want to send your child to that college, what are you going to do to adjust your income so you can pay everything you have to, save for the future and still have money for that bill? 

This may all be an oversimplification of reality. Still, it is a change of view that can change the world. To some of us the answer o that may be to simply go and write the next exam needed to upgrade our education and get a better pay. These would be the lucky ones. For others it may mean a complete change of job or even starting out a venture to supplement what income they currently have. To everyone the answer to that question means one thing though: extra effort. That is, it seems the part that scares us all. Once you get around to asking yourself what you are going to do to reach your dreams, you have to do it.

I am doing it. I am making my life affordable, and creating the income needed to get the things I want. Do you?


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