How Do I Increase my Search Rankings?

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”The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.” By Jerry Gillies: Author and workshop leader

As someone who runs a website I understand people’s frustration when you work extremely hard to build a great site, add a lot of functionality to make it a hit with web surfers and no one visits. You could spend a ton of money on pay-per-click advertising, however more often than not, people who arrive at your website through pay-per-click advertising are nothing more than “tire kickers”. In other words they really have no intention of buying or registering, they are just curious as to what you have to offer.

In steps the variety of search engines from which your potential customers can locate your website. The best part is you did not have to pay for them to find you. The issue arises as to how you can get your website to rank higher on those search engines.

There is no question that there are a number of ways to do this, but in this article we will cover a couple of them to get you started.

Start with adding content to your site that is related to what ever it is you are selling. In other words let’s say you sell widgets. Start adding content to your site related to widgets. Simply write informative articles about the products. Do not allow your articles to sound like infomercials or advertisements. The reader of your article should come out knowing more about widgets then when they went in.

This content now becomes indexed searchable text by all the search engines. So let’s say you have an article titled “How to use a widget properly?” When people do a search with those keywords you will appear higher in the rankings so as long as there aren’t hundreds of other websites with similar articles. This brings us up to issue number two.

In order for your content to appear higher than that of other websites your site itself must be ranked higher. This is simply done with back links. The more websites that point back to your website without you having to point back to theirs will drive your website way up the ranking system of most search engines.

This can be accomplished by writing additional articles related to widgets and submitting them to many article directories such as Ezine or Article Dashboard. Do not submit the same article you wrote earlier. That will defeat the purpose of adding the content to your website in the first place. Instead make sure your article is new and well written content so other websites can add it to their site. At the bottom of the article, called the resource box, add in your tag line with a link to your website. It should read something like this, “Mr. Jones is the CEO of Widget International. To learn more about their widgets visit their website at .”

Just make sure the link to the website is an active link so people can click on it. This can be done by enclosing the link in html anchor tags. More importantly than people being able to click on this link is the fact that the search engine spiders see this as a one way active link, pointing back to your website. One way links are the strongest links your website can have.

Above are just two of the ways you can increase your search engine ranking and get closer to the top of those results. Keep repeating this process and over time you will have enough content and enough back links where search engines will invariably put your website in the number one position.


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