Cure Kidney Stones Naturally with the Amazing Chanca Piedra

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Chanca Piedra- “Stone breaker?

In the United States alone, 1 million people suffer from kidney stones, a painful urinary irritation which is characterized by an accumulation of mineral deposits in the kidneys. Many of the afflicted resort to the medications and surgical procedures recommended by their doctors. They do not realize however, that there are safe, natural, alternatives to the options mentioned above which can completely relieve them of their discomfort. Such an alternative is the relatively little known herb called chanca piedra, which literally means ‘stone breaker”.

What is it?

Chanca piedra is a leafy herb that grows mainly in the rain forest regions, such as the Amazon. It has a long history of medical use with the indigenous people of the region. It has been used as an all round cure to treat various ailments such as kidney and bladder stones, diabetes, hypertension and viral infections. Typically, the entire herb was brewed into a tea of which one to three cups were had daily.

Is it effective?

A 1999 clinical study of rats found that the extract of this Brazilian herb had a potent inhibitory effect on the formation of kidney stones in the animals. In 2002, another study of two groups of rats further proved the amazing effects of this herb. Scientists seeded the bladders of all the animals with calcium oxalate crystals, from which most kidney stones form, and fed one group chanca piedra extract mixed with their water and the other plain water. It was found that the first group did extremely well in the expulsion of the stones and experienced far less pain than the other group. In fact the researches reported, chanca piedra “strongly inhibited the growth of stones” and “greatly reduced the number of stone satellites” found. From this, researchers concluded that chanca piedra “facilitates the expulsion of kidney and bladder stones”. In 1990, it was reported that German doctor Wolfram Wiemann treated 100 patients for kidney stones with this potent herb. Dr Wiemann reported that 94% of his patients’ pain was quickly eliminated and their stones dissolved and passed in 7-14 days.

How does it work?

Chanca piedra has concentrated doses of muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals. It also has chemicals that facilitate the erosion of kidney stones. These properties work together with the spasm reducing effect of the herb to relieve the discomfort caused. The smaller stones can then be passed through the relaxed muscles of the urinary tract without pain. This herb has been proven to be completely safe and also supports the general well being of the liver and urinary system.

Chanca piedra is available today in capsulated form from several companies. It is an excellent choice over traditional medical treatments for this ailment as there are no harmful side effects as is the case with all pharmaceuticals. In fact, all the ‘side effects” are good ones such as liver support, kidney support, anti viral properties, and overall promotion of well being. There is no post-surgical trauma. And it’s a completely safe remedy because it’s all natural. So don’t opt for medications or surgery. Instead, embrace the amazing properties of nature’s cure for kidney stones- the Stone Breaker.


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