When Your Child Is Ugly

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Jaya was full of enthusiasm as she was going to be mother for the first time. She made her preparations well in advance and picked up the most adorable clothes and accessories for the child to be born. She put up posters of children in her bedroom, as she awaited her big day .She was overwhelmed when blessed with a baby girl. But the first look at the child made her a little uncomfortable. A beautiful lady herself, she was rather shocked to see her little girl with an exceptionally broad nose and very thin lips, the child was not beautiful like the posters on her walls or the pregnancy and childcare books she had been reading extensively. She was depressed and disappointed. Whenever a mother to be visualizes a baby, her mind is filled with pictures of perfect healthy poster babies. Nevertheless in no time Jaya coped up with her depressing feelings and devoted herself to taking good care of the child.http://www.bukisa.com/articles/149709_how-to-raise-morally-sound-children

As parents it can be a little difficult when you understand that your child is not very good looking. But nature is very clever, a mother will always love her child It can however be a challenge when the child realizes that his or her looks are below average. The little one may be teased as ‘Pinocchio’ in school for having a long nose or may be addressed as ‘the ugly duckling’. The problem can be tackled with a little thoughtfulness.

1. Parents should never point to their child that he or she is not physically attractive. A negative remark by parent can adversely affect the child’s confidence.

2. The child is likely to recognize at some point in time that he is not pretty. A little reassurance by parents at such times can actually make a lot of difference to the child. The child may have a long nose, but he may have beautiful eyes or lovely hair .Parents can always draw their child’s attention to those physical features which are attractive. A mother can mention while combing her daughter’s hair,” Dear, you have nice curly locks.”

3. Around tweens or teens children may feel even more conscious or awkward about how they look. Parents of teenagers should always emphasize that it’s the overall personality of an individual that matters far more than the physical appearance. They must explain to children that the manner in which a person carries and presents himself, his education, his behavior and character are far more important than looks.

4.  Dressing up in clean, good clothes definitely enhances self confidence. Paying attention to your child’s wardrobe can make him more confident about his appearance. Parents can also opt for a hairstyle that is fashionable and suits your child.

5. Engaging children in games and sports not only keeps them physically fit but keeps them busy too. This also ensures that undue importance is not attached to physical appearance.

6. Children may feel that they are not liked by others because of the way they look. Encourage them to develop skills like singing, dancing, painting etc and also take interest in studies.  Such skills when appreciated by others act as great moral boosters for children.

7. Various procedures can be adopted which help to improve the physical appearance like threading, waxing, orthodontic treatments or cosmetic surgeries. These can be selected to suit the child’s requirements.

 A smiling face with a positive attitude is however the best treatment and the most important secret to a good personality.


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