A Small Begining

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The gasps for air ever increasing

The roar of the rotor-blades deafening

The beat of his heart, thumping to his chest

For Matt, he was running for his life, as a group of men from an unknown organisation trailed him. The buzzing sound of the two OH-6 Cayuses and the single UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter wasn’t the problem, Matt has no concern with the helicopters, it was the two GE M134 Gatling guns on the blackhawk and the two troopers on each of the Cayuses with M249 SAWs that were the problem.

‘Shit, this is going to get funky’ Matt puffed before jumping into a building along the street. Trasers ran up the street, hitting innocent bystanders in the process.  Troopers from the Blackhawk fast-roped down and re-organized themselves, before the angry townsfolk of Brisbane realize what was going on

‘This is Alpha Leader, any sign of the target?’ Alpha leader calmly spoke into the headset piece.

‘This is Air Alpha 1, no visuals yet, over’

‘This is Air Alpha 2, I got visuals on the target, he is heading through the streets and is getting a pickup from Suncorps Stadium’

‘Copy that Air Alpha 2, Air Alpha units, intercept target and trap him for us, out’

Alpha team readied themselves for the hunt; he would be a dangerous target, but was no match for the men that he would face.

Matt sat down in a motel, seven-hundred metres from Suncorps Stadium, where members of the agency would pick him up, but there was a problem, Alpha team and the helicopters were still flying over the area.

‘Hey, Ray!’ Matt yelled, holding a bandage on a leg wound ‘would you do me a favour’

Alpha team approached the entraence of the motel, the Blackhawk hovering over with the left side Minigun scanning.

‘Alpha One, Two and Four, throw in flash-bangs, Three, Five, Six and Eight will flank through the side and knock out any resistance, Seven, myself, Nine and Ten will return to the Blackhawk and land on a rooftop one-hundred metres from the stadiums entrance. Remember, Bravo Team will be knocking out any resistance at the stadium and will evac us, any questions’

Alpha team didn’t comply

‘Then lets get shit into motion’ Alpha Leader sighed, before grabbing his colleagues and moved to the Blackhawk’

Matt near the sidedoor, waiting for Ray, the owner, to make a distraction, he had gotten the staff to leave and protest, so they would be unable to enter, however, the team would probably send in two members.

‘Lets hope this works’ Ray yelled, which was the signal, Ray and fifty others opened the doors and began to protest, yelling, screaming and throwing objects at Alpha team. However, Matt was correct, two members entered through the side.

The Alpha team members, Alpha Three and Alpha Five, where heavily armed, wearing all black clothing, with silver knee and elbow guards, they wore military grade kevlar and equipment, namely the M4A1 Carbine with a silencer and ACOG sight and the FN FNP .45 in their pistol holsters. They wore black balaclavas, single slot, with a traditional US Army helmet, fitted with NVG’s. These guys looked military, seemed military, but something rang Black Ops. Matt had no time to think he needed a plan and fast.

‘This is Alpha Three, entering building, advised, target not in sight’ his voice was muffled, due to the balacalva, but somethnig stood out overall on his body, his Smoke grenade.

Matt, in a matter of seconds, leaped across from the toilet block and onto Alpha Three, pushing him down, pulling the grenade’s pin. By the time Alpha Five raised his M4; the grenade went off, smoke pouring out. In the confusion, Matt grabbed Alpha Three’s M4 and ran out as Alpha Five sprayed bullets in his general direction.

The door bursted open, a holy aurora of light shined from the doorway into the smoke-clogged room.

‘This is Alpha Three; target has escaped, heading towards the stadium!’ Alpha Three screamed ‘And he’s got my gun!’

Matt was running for his life, the M4 shaking in his hands, but he felt relief, the Air Alpha units were doing recon mission for Bravo  Team, but it would be a matter of time before they came for him. Matt ran onto the road and jumped onto the back of a Toyota ute, he lay perfectly flat, so the driver couldn’t spot him. The driver would get concerned when bullets flied at his car from the members of Alpha team on the roof of a house.

‘Shoot straight you fucks’ demanded Alpha Leader, as he felt his bigshot driveaway, until.

‘Alpha Leader, this is Charlie team, I spot target, encircling him now’ replied Charlie One to Alpha Leaders calls to the other units

‘Alpha Leader, this is Bravo, we estimate arrival at Suncorps, ETA five minutes, we’ll be parachuting in, look to the sky gentlemen’

Alpha team members looked to the sky as asked, and saw a C130 roar over and little figures with parachutes fall to earth.

‘I do not care if your late, just don’t let him escape, first person to get his hands on the little fuck gets a raise’ barked Alpha Leader into his headset ‘Now, your good, but your not that good’

Matt jumped from the back as a column of Humvee’s sprayed him with .50 cal and 5.56mm fire. The bullets flew by, as he ran with all his might to the entrance, he would get his pick up, no matter how many men he would need to kill.


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