Know your breath and know your life

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The first thing that we did when we came to this world was taking a breath in and the last thing that we will do when we leave this world will be breathing out. In between these two processes of inhalation and exhalation is what we call as life. Through out the life we breathe in and out without being completely unaware of the breath. We cannot even conceive that simple thing breathing can bring so much of transformation in us.

Breath holds lot of secrets of life. Breathing in, body gets energy and breathing out body is relaxed. In one way, this is a cycle of life and death, inhalation and exhalation. Breathing is an autonomous process. When we start breathing consciously or atleast becoming aware of the breath, we are ready to get transformed into another plane.

Buddha gave this wonderful technique called vipasana. It is nothing but becoming aware of the breath. It is just watching the breath which is flowing in an out all the times till we pack up our bags. Breath can be watched when in enters the nostrils and you can watch it in the belly. Watching, the very word has to be understood. You are not supposed to alter your breath. You should not even try to breath. Just a simple watching like watching the clouds on the sky or watching the waves on the sea etc…

When you watch the breath becomes deeper. The mind becomes quiet. By starting to watch the breath one starts to watch the mind, the monkey mind which is always chattering something. When your watching goes deeper, the chattering goes lesser. One day on an ultimate day, your mind is just empty of thoughts.

This is what people have called enlightenment. Enlightenment is nothing special. It is just the mind becoming empty of thoughts and then you have the clarity on what ever you do. So start to spend some 10 to 15 minutes a day on watching the breath without altering it.


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