How Jealous Ruins Relationnship

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If you search on the net or even at the police station records or at some social services institution you can find that jealousy is one among the causes of crimes. There is information that reveal about a crime that had been done by a husband, father, sister, brother and even with a friend. This very thing is such a sorrowful fact to everybody or in our society. And the only root of this problem is jealousy. It is the negative feelings in heart and mind, which urges someone to be controlled with anger that likewise gives anyone a justification to harm their own loved ones. This is how jealousy ruins good relationship. We do not want to be like this. No one ever wanted to become criminal to their own family. However, if we are not watching enough to our feelings, we never know what will happen next. But how to overcome this feelings or jealousy, anyway?

One of the reasons why school of thoughts or psychology study has been introduced to the school is that, to enlighten anybody’s mind about how to hold tempers when they are angry or specifically jealous. There are numbers of psychologists also who are now trying to reach out or help people to control their jealousy through their books, CD’s, videos, therapeutic sessions and many other things that deal psychological studies on jealousy. These helpful steps on controlling the jealous mind, maybe costs from patients. However, money is too small already compared to the success that a jealous person can have, when able to conquer his negative feelings. These are very helpful to mend their broken spirits, hurt hearts, and restless mind. Reading books likewise about how to overcome jealousy, watching videos that has therapeutic dramas or even some spiritual counseling with pastors, professionals and or psychologists are among the most effective approaches that will help eliminates jealousy in our mind. So, when you are too tired on this kind of feeling, make a decision to undergo or experience any of this approach.

Moreover, dealing with this does not meant that there is something wrong in your mind, but just like your physical body, which needs food, those steps also are the foods for your ailing mind. Remember, your mind is too powerful and since it is your mind that thinks about jealousy, you need also to recharge it with positive thoughts.

I’d like to share with you about the some circumstances that happening around the world because of jealousy. In this since, you can definitely analyze how jealousy would harm anyone’s life. I browse some sites and I have found numbers of killing, battered partners, and even relationship of two sweet couples who had separated their ways due to jealousy. And guess what? The most people involved in such agony are those who considered themselves as an elite individual. There were politicians who had been sued by their wives because they were being violently hit. There was a closed friend killed by her own friend because of professional jealousy, husband killed wife, sister killed and other killing incident happens. These are because of this jealousy. Yes, we never want to be a victim on jealousy too. And that is how we tried to overcome it.

Before I end up this article of mine, I also want to impart with you my simple but helpful tips about how to control or overcome our jealousy. In such a way, I can also make your life different with my own ways on eliminating jealousy in your mind. Here are some of my tips that I also been using when I felt the same such as; when you feel jealous to anyone,

  1. Do not feel self pity; instead assure yourself that you too have your own special talent.
  2. When jealous with your husband, don’t nag him, appreciate, talk and be thankful to him for everything he had done to you, like loving you.
  3. Try acceptance and always look to a positive side of life.
  4. Read valuable books that talking about how to get rid jealousy.
  5. Be with assuring friends.
  6. Talk to your pastor, parents, friends and even to your kids, why not?
  7. And the last but not the least think and balance the possible result when you let your jealousy rule your mind.

Maybe, this article tips is just simple but I hope you also learn things about how jealousy ruin any good relationship, likewise how to overcome it. Thanks for your visit.


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