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Opera is one of many kind of web browser to surf and browse at the internet connection. Opera is the only browser that comes with everything you need to be productive, safe and speedy online.

Now, new version of Opera web browser is Opera 10 or called as Opera turbo. I fall in love with this new feature, turbo feature. Turbo feature in this web browser function as accelerator, so you can browse quicker than before. Turbo feature, allow you to open any page three times faster than others web browser.

Just it? Not…

Turbo feature also allow you to enter / open any sites that banned your country account (IP / proxy). all because when you click turbo or activate turbo feature, Opera change the server to their server, in my experience through Oslo. So, that this web browser can work faster and effectively.

If there is any positive thing from  this web browser, there some negative side. Ok, Opera 10 web browser is faster than others, but if turbo feature activate, the quality of image is down. I mean opera turbo can not load high quality of image when turbo feature activated.

What again?

oh, yeah.. of course this application is totally free. Opera 10 or called opera turbo is an open source application made  by Opera software.

Ok, finally I conclude that Opera web browser is the best web browser which ever made. There are no other web browser make turbo feature like Opera 10 or Opera Turbo has. before I found this web browser, I usually use Mozilla Firefox, but now I always use my Opera ^_^


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