Essential Life-Skills For Children

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Everyone knows that schools are best to train our children in terms of the academic modules and programs. But, basically in life, there are much more to learn than those basic subjects of arithmatics, english, history, science and etc. Most of the things we learn in school can be said that it is seldom use in the real life.

Think about our own experience for a moment. When you go out of high school, did you know everything you needed to know about surviving in the real world of life ? But, were you prepared for life ? Most of us are not when we first leave school into the real world of life. In fact most of us screwed-up our early adult life just because we didn’t hvae those skills and now we are paying the consequences. You might say that this is part of life.

So, we the schools are not teaching life-skills, then we as parents or adults should teach our children some of these life-skills before they go out on their own when they grow-up.

Some of the basic and essential life-skills are listed below and it would bring great help to our children in future if we as parents start to impart these life-skills to them.

<u>1) SAVING MONEY.</u> Basically it’s spending less than what you can earn. Yet, many young adults do not understand it or do not follow it. Teach your child from young the habits of savings.

<u>2) CREDIT.</u> In fact this is still a major problem for many adults. Teach your child the importance of credit and how to avoid getting into too much debts, and how to use credit responsibily.

<u>3) FRUGALITY.</u> This is something worth teaching from early age. How to shop around and get good deal, to compare between products of different prices and quality, to make things last and not waste them, and to control on impulsive buying.

<u>4) CRITICAL THINKING.</u> This is one of the most important skills not taught in schools today. These days we are taught to be like robots; to listen to the teacher and not to question, to accept what we are told and not to think, to be good employees and shut-up. So, conversation and questioning is a good way to start this skill.

<u>5) POSITIVE THINKING. </u>While Critical Thinking is important, it is also important to have a positive attidute in life. Find solutions instead of complaints. And, most of all, learn to believe in yourslef and block-out negative thinking.

<u>6) PROCRASTINATION.</u> This is a problem in many aduts today as well. There should be a time for goofing-off, being lazy and having fun. And, there is always a time where we should do what is needed to be done. Never find reasons and excuses for yourself to procrastinate. It’s a killing habit that will bring a person down.

<u>7) COMPASSION.</u> This skill is never taught in school at all. We must teach our children to learn to put ourselves in other’s shoes and help them from their prespective and try to understand others.

<u>8) ORGANIZATION.</u> How to keep things tidy and organized in a proper manner. How to set routines, how to identify urgent and important tasks, and how to list to-do items on a daily basis.

<u>9) FIND A PURPOSE. </u>Having a purpose in life is extreamly important. It is like have a path or direction that will lead your life to the future. Whether it is a higher religous purpose, or just making your family happy, or even finding your own calling, it is a purpose that will guide us in our daily lives.


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