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Publishing your articles on can be very profitable. Because ScribeSeeker holds their authors in such high esteem, making money with their great ad sharing revenue program can really result in high returns. Articles don’t sell themselves, however, but with a little effort, you can really increase traffic to your articles. Here are five steps to maximizing your success with your ScribeSeeker articles.

  1. The first thing to do is register for two accounts: one with and one with Google AdSense. Both are free. Once you’ve got your Google AdSense publishing ID (pub-XXXXXXXXXXXX), you can visit your profile on, and in the Edit>Update Your Profile page, you can click Google Ads and input your publisher ID. If you add a channel name, this will be how you will track your impressions and earnings via the AdSense reports.

  2. Next, write some articles! The more articles you write, the more likely you’ll appeal to a broader audience, which in itself increases your potential traffic. Remember, every article you write will keep earning month after month when visitors click your ads, so as your article portfolio increases, so will your passive income! Keep articles at 300-600 words to keep your audience’s attention, and to ensure your article gets indexed by the search engines (shorter articles may be overlooked by search bots). When you finish writing your article, try using the Linkr button to link your story to others on ScribeSeeker. The more interwoven the site is, the longer visitors will browse our articles!

  3. Once your article is published and live on the site, make sure to use social bookmarking sites, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace (and others!) to get the word out. Digg is probably one of the best social bookmarking sites to use because of its popularity, and there is some suggestion that “Digging” an article will cause Google to crawl the site sooner. You can use the “Share” button at the bottom of any article page to get the word out on a bunch of different social bookmarking sites

  4. Add your user profile URL to your signature in emails, online forums and Twitter accounts. Invite your friends to read your articles and perhaps even to write on ScribeSeeker – linking to each other’s related articles with Linkr with improve traffic for both of you!

  5. Comment! Read your peers’ articles, particularly in your area of interest. Comment, respond and get some dialog going. When we work together as a community to support each other’s writing, our family will grow and our content will just get better and better.

  6. That’s it! The more you write, the more you can earn!


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