how real can you be on reality t.v

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We all know them and a lot of us are addicted to them. We have shows like Real world, Big brother, Flavor of Love (all 3 of them), I love New York (both of them), Rock of love (both of them) The bachelor, Real chance of love, and the list goes on. Now as you may have noticed the theme to these reality shows has turned to love. I have to admit I have fallen victim to the addiction on some of these shows. The crazy things that the host makes these people do to prove that they are their for them and get a chance to possibly win a date with whoever is looking for love at the time, it really can be entertaining.

How really do you get the slightest bit close to knowing that someone is really there for you on a reality television show? You can not possibly get to know someone in the very short amount of time that the host actually spends with each person. So how real is the reality in these shows.

These woman who get on these shows, they are beautiful well formed and have some reason other than love to be there. Am i truly the only person in the world that sees this? I would love to go on one of these shows just to say hey I am a human being and you have no right to treat me or any of these other woman like we are play things.

We watch some of these shows and say no send that one home she is ugly or she is not smart but really are these people looking for love? Do they care when they make someone cry or if fights break out and someone gets hurt.

To me finding love is an intimate thing. We start out laughing and joking. You will have disagreements and difference of opinion but in real life that will not get you sent home. With no chance of taking chances how do you get to know someone. The process of getting to know someone takes a lifetime. You have likes and dislikes and they may not be the same. You have to be willing to spend actual time with someone be willing to share intimate things fears dreams and just everything. Can you really do this on one of these shows in maybe an hour at a time, maybe once a week, in front of millions of people. I would not be able to do that.

As much as i enjoy looking at the stars and reading little tid bits about them while standing in line at the grocery store, I have always felt these are just people and they deserve to have some privacy. So would i be able to spill my life out on national television? I would not be able to do that.

Do I think you can find real love on a television show that last a couple of months while competing with a dozen or more other people? I do not think so. I think that looking for love to make money is crazy. Entertaining but crazy non the less.

I have a confession as I am writing this I am watching one of these reality shows i speak about. One girl in the house was not eliminated simply because she had not won any changes and had not even been able to spend alone time with the host of the show. To me they are giving her pity, instead of trying to spend time with her to see who she is. And yet another show the man tells the ladies to write him a love letter. How can you ask a person to pour their heart out to you to shatter those feeling by saying it wasn’t good enough. 

We are amused and hooked to the television as peoples lives are shattered and ripped apart and for what? A chance at love.

If you want to find love look around because the person you are disregarding may just be the real chance that you should be taking. I want a person that puts me and my kids even before them. Someone that has taken the time to get to know me enough that when I smile and say nothing is wrong they look at me and say, now tell me the truth. Someone who don’t put down what I love just because they might not like it, someone who knows my downfalls and weakness but still loves me. I found him and I didn’t need a reality television show to find him. I just needed to be me.

Again this is my opinion and you may not agree with me but that is OK because that is what makes us different.


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