How to make residual income through ehow

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Writing for residual income is a great way to ensure you have money coming in later.  If you work real hard right now you will be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits.  This may sound tough to do, but with the internet now a days, it’s far from tough.  It’s actually, very easy and a lot of fun if you do it right.

Create your ehow account is the first step.  Of course your going to need a paypal account as well to collect your earnings.  Once you have both of these done, your going to want to set a goal.  How many articles are you able to do a day? The more articles you can do, the better.  Remember, it’s about working hard now, and enjoying the benefits later.

If you decide to do 3 or more a day, realize there are going to be days that life will get in the way from you being able to get these done.  It’s ok.  There will also be days that your goal articles come very easily, and you find yourself with a little extra time, just write.  Don’t stop because you’ve reached you goal, keep writing.  You will want to build up as many articles as you can especially to stay on track with your goal.  Remember those days you don’t get to writing? Well it should all even out.

Of course there are going to be days you just don’t feel like writing.  Push yourself, remind yourself, work hard now enjoy the benefits later.  Don’t be discouraged by the earnings.  As your articles age, your money will increase as long as you are truly working hard on your articles.  You want to be writing quality articles.  You do want to make sure that your content is going to make readers rate you well, and also maybe bookmark your content if it’s something they really like.  You don’t want to have the type of articles that people on google regret landing on, cause they will rate you poorly.  Your rating is important to move higher up on the search results.

Maybe you can’t think of content to come up with.  Here’s a great tip I learned.  Go to the google search engine and type “How to” and then any letter.  Its going to give you a list of ideas.  Write about it.  This is going to save you a lot of time, and also there will be no excuse on why you can’t think of what to write about.  This will help with any kind of writers block.

Don’t constantly check your earnings.  You may feel discouraged.  Your articles are just going to build income slowly.  It’s ok, and it’s natural.  Just keep writing.  Also take time to make friends, and comment on other people’s articles and ask that they do the same.  The extra work of making friends, commenting on their articles, and having them comment back will work to your advantage. Just don’t get caught up on how much you are making.Get out and advertise your articles.  Many people use twitter to advertise.  Whatever you choose to do, don’t let it replace the time you should be writing.

Once you have several months under your belt (maybe 5) and hopefully over 150 articles, your going to see the money building.  If you did everything correctly your money will continue to build, and you will enjoy a great payout month after month. Best of luck!


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