I miss you

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In the shadows I like to walk but the sun  is with you

That is because I miss you

You ever give me the kiss when I desire, but I miss you

all the time.

My eyes never stop to cry and I am blinded by the linght

blinded for your sun shine

If you go, probably I will die.  

So, never go muy sune shine, in my dreams I can see you,

though you are sleeping with me,

in my skin only be you, no another woman, no young girl

you are in 40 but  I love you, it is no problem for me

because the sadow is out of order,

I know this love of mine, never can die

I kiss your eyes in the morning when you are sleeping,

I am thinking they are two bright stars,

And then at night when you retorn to home

very tired for work, I put my hand over your legs

and I can feel the soft, I can feel all my budy fills peace,

only the peace that you can give me.

Your are the kind of woman that I ever dream,

I know you are not feeling the same because my love is too deep

too strong, do not say good bye to me.

I need to be forever with you, my eyes never gona see another female

because when I touch your hand I feel the honey.

you are my special woman in the worl,

the one that I love, I share all my thing just only with you,

I want be at home for the rest of my life, do not you?

Please, do the same with me.  


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