How to prevent common cold

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First, Be Selfish

Of course, this doesn’t mean to be selfish in the conventional sense. It just means that you should not be sharing beverages and foods with someone who has a cold (or even people who are not manifesting any symptoms). If germs can be transmitted via a handshake, then certainly putting food that has touched someone elses lips into your mouth will also transmit germs.
Keep to Yourself

Now that you are acting selfish, may as well also be a snob. Stay away from others. Of course, don’t get carried away. You need not be a recluse to remain relatively virus-free, but it can be a good idea to limit the time spent in closely-packed areas when possible.
Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Studies have shown that the odds of infection remain the same with all immune systems types, active or not. Even so, this does not mean that everyone copes with the common cold in the manner. While it is correct that exposure to the cold virus can by and large get you infected, the way that the infection is handled will differ, depending on how healthy you are.

Sleeping right, eating a balanced diet, and sticking to a holistic approach to well-being (including supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals), although it may not prevent you from getting a cold, may keep you from feeling the effects of it.


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