My Idea of the Perfect Community

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  1. People within the community will send in ideas for rules then later vote on the ones they like. If you break the rules you are hung by your feet by a vine 50 feet in the air if the vine breaks you fall.
  2. Some of our laws and rules are no lighting fires, you cannot leave the community, and you must be fully clothed in a public place.
  3. We will decide on leadership by choosing a royal family.
  4. The rules will be enforced by being hung by a vine on your foot if the vine breaks you will drop 50 feet in the air.

Education System

  1. Our education system is gym, religion, wood working, math, music, science
  2. Our education system is specifically for our community every subject is important
  3. Ages 10-20 will attend
  4. Everything in our system is all that u need for our community and there are less years in school


  1. Wood working: To build the houses, schools, factory, buildings.
  2. Janitor: To clean up all messes within the community and take care of the trading.
  3. Trainer: To train soldiers for war.
  4. Scientist: For research to make the community safer and more technologically advanced.
  5. Mathematicians: For measuring wood for cuts.

The people choose what they want to do then people that are more experienced will train the new people.


  1. 1 Joy, 2 Joys, 5 Joys, 10 Joys, 20 Joys, 50 Joys,75 Joys, 100 Joys, 500 Joys, 1000 Joys
  2. People earn more money for certain jobs. Our dollar is worth 10 more dollars then the Canadian dollar.
  3. All medical issues and products will be free of charge to our people

Communication/Outside Influences

  1. We trade with Showers Sity. We also make our own food from trees and animals.
  2. No visitors are allowed in our city the only people that leave are our Janitors to do some trading

Citizen Responsibilities

  1. No graffiti, no littering, no leaving, must be home before 12 am, no lighting fires
  2. Children become adults at the age of 13


  1. Hover board, swinging on vines, bridges
  2. All of our transportation sucks in pollution and transforms it into fresh air


  1. People in our community will play football, basketball, soccer
  2. We will provide sports, tag, hide and go seek for the children and teens
  3. Adults will talk and play poker or sports for entertainment
  4. The elderly will listen to old music or talk for entertainment.

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