Sony Vaio Lifestyle vs Asus Eee PC

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Sony Vaio Lifestyle V.s Asus Eee

  1. The product is a netbook which is smaller than a normal laptop and weights less than a normal laptop. Netbooks have a longer battery life compared to most laptops. Most netbooks come with a built in webcam and microphone. The netbook has the ability to perform the same tasks which a normal laptop is able to do. The purpose of the netbook is to allow students and travelers to have access to the internet and typing programs without having to lug around a large laptop.
  2. Sony and Asus both produce netbooks. Sony is larger company compared to Asus.
  3. The company was founded in 1945 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. The company was first called Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation.The name Sony was taken from the Latin word “sonus” which was the root of sound and sonic. Masaru and Akio began their business by repairing radios and later on they began to make Japan’s first tape recorder. Today Sony is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics, video, communications, video game consoles, and information technology products. Sony is most well known for their Sony Playstation game console and various televisions.Sony is the leading manufacturer of some of today’s most popular items and pass times and it all began in a little radio repair shop in Japan.

Sony Vaio Lifestyle <u>Advantages</u> <u>Disadvantages</u> Smaller in size Smaller screen Weights less than the Asus Shorter battery life Built in webcam No touchpad Built in Bluetooth Smaller keyboard Able to fit in your back pocket Smaller hard drive Built in GPS Costs more money They are able to get good deals on shipping because they are a big company Asus Eee Pc <u>Advantages</u> <u>Disadvantages</u> Larger keyboard Weights more Has a touchpad No built in bluetooth Built in webcam Not as portable as the Sony Vaio Larger screen No built in GPS Larger hard drive Longer battery life Is cheaper Costs more to ship the computers because they are a small company

  • Asus (the small company) makes the better product. They offer a netbook which has everything you need for your day to day life. For instance, a keyboard which is easier to type on, a larger screen, longer battery life and a bigger hard drive for storing your music/movies. Their product is cheap, around $300, compared to Sony’s product which is around $1000. Sony may have other advantages such as Bluetooth and GPS but Bluetooth is not as popular on computers and there are programs online which offer GPS services. Personally I prefer the Asus because they offer a product which suites my needs. I use my computer to type up my homework, listen to music, and watch videos. If the screen and the keyboard are too small than it will make typing harder and also make watching videos less enjoyable. In the end it was clear who the winner was. Asus has the perfect idea of what you need and what you can afford to pay.

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