Frasier’s Family

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Frasier is a hit T.V show which focuses on the daily life of a local radio psychiatrist named Frasier Crane. Frasier lives in an apartment in Seattle with his father Martin, his maid and psychiatrist Daphne and his fathers pet dog Eddie. His brother, Niles, lives alone. Frasier works at a local radio station with his best friend and producer “Roz”.

Frasier and his father, Martin, have a close relationship. Martin is an ex-cop who was injured in the line of duty and is forced to use a cane. Frasier supports his father by allowing him and his dog to live in his apartment. Martin is well respected in the household. He has his own personal chair which no one else touches except Martin and his dog.

Daphne takes care of Martin and cleans the apartment. Daphne often makes witty comments to Frasier when he talks about his daily endeavors. Daphne is well respected by the entire family for her loving personality. She is a very kind and soft spoken person. Daphne is dating Frasier’s brother Niles who stops by the apartment on the odd day to check on his father and older brother.

Niles and his brother are very much alike personality wise and career wise. Niles and Frasier are both psychiatrists and share the same interests in art, music and sports. Both Niles and Frasier do not share the same interests as their father. Niles and Frasier are more interested in art and theater, their father is more interested in sports. Niles does not live with the family, however, he does visit them at their apartment often.

Frasier and Roz have been working together for many years at a local radio station is Seattle. Roz is Frasier’s best friend and Frasier constantly looks to her for advice on women. Roz also has a special relationship with Martin. They share the same interests, however, they only remain friends.

Frasier demonstrates various family systems which can be typically found in toady’s society. Frasier shares a very close and healthy relationship with all members of his family and friends. Frasier has opened his home to Martin and hired Daphne to care for him when Frasier is busy at work. Frasier takes pride in caring for his family and his job.


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