Money Saving Tips #1

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With the economy in its current state, I believe we are all looking for ways to save money.  I know for me it’s a reached a matter of comparing the cost of a Sunday paper to the value of the coupons I’d use within that paper.  Since all of us can benefit from finding out different ways to stretch every dollar, I’ll be creating a series of posts that will contain a way to save money in each post.  I would love to get your opinion and thoughts about the different ways I post, so feel free to comment.

Tip One: Schedule event nights
Chris and I spend a minimum of $50.00 for dinner and $15.00 for a movie when we go out to eat with friends.  With an average of $33.00 per person, ask your friends if they’d like to come over for a movie and event instead.

Ask if they’d be willing to pitch in a minimum of $5 each to cover the dinner, which you’ll make.  Then, you could rent a movie or play a board game.  I know we always have fun playing on teams with large groups of friends.  This will also help you guys relieve stress and be able to socialize more than you would by watching a movie in the theatre where you have to keep quiet.

Remember, if you have any questions about what I’ve posted or you have some better advise on some of the tips that you have, then I’d love ot hear about them.


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