From carseat to baby sling

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When I gave birth to my now 7 week-old daughter my mother-in-law gave me a baby car seat which she mistakenly thought to be a baby carrier which she insist that we carry the baby with it wherever we go. So for her sake my husband decided to try carrying the car seat with our baby on our daughter’s first regular check up and it went well since we don’t have to carry her around. But it was awkward for me and I told my husband that we should just use the car seat as a car seat and not as a carrier but since his first try went well he just said that it was just ok and he’s got no problems using it as a carrier.
The first time we brought our baby in the mall we forgot to bring the stroller so we just used the car seat as a carrier again. We haven’t strolled out for 20 minutes yet but my husband started complaining about carrying the car seat which was quite heavy itself and got heavier with our daughter’s weight in it so we rested on the mall steps. While we were hanging out in the steps we began to notice the different carriers other mothers are using for their babies that my husband suggested that we buy one for our baby.
We checked every baby store in the mall and also the baby section in the department store and they were all offering different kinds of carriers. And as I was checking each carriers I noticed they were all for babies 6months and above so I told my husband that we had to inquire about a carrier for newborn babies. A lady who overheard us interrupted us and told us we should try a baby sling just like the one she was using. My husband was hesitant about the sling and suggested we check on facts about those baby slings first before buying one. So I searched online on any info bout baby slings and after a lot or research we finally bought one.
We got a Next9 R’ Jellybean Baby sling and I tried it and practiced with a doll first until I got the hang of it. We decided to put it in a test when we went out with my family to Tagaytay and Mall of Asia. Wearing the sling with my baby helped me a lot and made me enjoy our trips. We also saved on the space for the stroller and the effort of setting the stroller up for use. When we dined in a restaurant I didn’t remove the sling and my baby but I was able to enjoy my meals and so did my baby because I was able to breastfeed her while she was on the sling. Not only that I can breastfeed her but that she can just easily doze off in the sling and it was also very easy to check on her while we were out. While I was checking some baby dresses a lady went beside me just to ask about the baby sling and I totally recommend the Next9 R’ Jellybean sling to her.
Not only is the sling helpful for me in carrying her with both hands free but the sling also promotes our mother-daughter bonding. I even use the sling to carry her around the house or the yard and even while I’m reading. All thanks to the lady who shared he baby sling experience to us that taking our baby out is very enjoyable and comfortable.


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