Got kids? Give them an attitude!

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I think kids are born inherently positive and knowing that what they want out of life, they CAN have!They have a winning ATTITUDE!!

Then it happens.

Some fool comes along and says “Hey buddy, that just ain’t so. You can’t always get what you want”. “You can’t be a fireman, you have to be a lawyer like Daddy” “You’ll never be able to climb THAT mountain(read:attain that dream)’You can’t do THAT!”

And slowly, unless they are filled with complete love ,joy and acceptance and encouraged to chase down and grab their dreams, they lose it. They start thinking that life is not all that great or that it is a struggle or that “it sucks”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can grab that bull by the horns and turn it around. You can teach your children about the law of attraction.If the term “law of attraction” scares you or you think it’s just too “way out there” remember that all the great achievers and leaders have believed in their dreams and envisioned themselves as what and who they wish to be.

I have been teaching my kids that life is all about mindset,appreciation, asking , receiving , detaching and expecting.It’s also about working. You don’t just ask and sit back and expect. You DO have to work toward your dream. If you saw “The Secret”,remember where Jack Canfield spoke of his dream to get out XX amount of his books( I cant remember exact number). Well, he didn’t sit on his lounge chair and hope for it.He went out and did book signings and promos and all and it surpassed his dreams!

And according to Abraham -Hicks, it’s definately about going downstream. and it’s such a SIMPLE concept to grasp. I asked my kids , if you got in a canoe…is it easier to sit and ride the river downstream or to try to turn it and paddle upstream?

Well, they looked at me like I was an idiot and said” Downstream of course, Mommy!” and I said “AHA! then you understand that is how you should choose to do everything in your life. Do not struggle and wear yourself out, do not fight, just go with the flow,be at ease “. Simple terms but its fine for a 6 and 8 year old.

And they understand of course.

Children are so wise.They are born wiser than we know. They are gifts to us.

We also talked about positive mindset and visualization. Take Michael Phelps…did he go to the olympics and say “Well, I’ll give it a try” or was he 110% focused on winning? Did he expect to win? Did he PICTURE himself winning? Yes!Yes! and Yes!
And that is why he did.

My son learned A LOT last year doing a report on Edison. How many times that man failed was amazing. And how many times he went on to success was inspiring!

I speak to my kids almost everyday about gratefulness, understanding to appreciate all we have, share our abundance and expect more. I try to teach them about ATTITUDE..a winning positive one is the only way!

And they get it. They really get it.

Everyday I am so inspired as I watch them grow and learn. I am thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to know them and share our lives…to be the teacher and the student. They have much to teach me too. So much.

I’m listening……

Are you?


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