How to keep a healthy and happy cockatiel – not just how to care for a cockatiel

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I love cockatiels. I have had a cockatiel in my house for the last 15 years. They are the perfect companions. They are affectionate, gentle, playful, curious, funny and so loveable.

A well-fed bird is a happy bird. Nutrition is very important. Just feeding your cockatiel a seed mix is not enough. You will need to supplement their nutrition with a vitamins and minerals. I like to use a product that combines vitamins and minerals. You can supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables. Treats are also very important. All cockatiels love spray millet.

A clean bird is a happy bird. I take the birds with me in the shower. Once in a while they will jump into the sink in the kitchen or the bathroom and play in the running water. Other times I will set up shallow water bowls and they will jump in and start splashing. I have found that all birds are different. If your birds don’t like water in general just spray them with a gentle mist from a spray bottle. They may not like it but in the end it is good for them.

A clean birdcage makes for a happy bird. Make certain to clean the birdcage on a regular basis. I like to put several layers of newspaper at the bottom of the cage and just remove 1 or 2 layers on a daily basis. I like to do a more thorough cleaning job on a weekly basis, where I wipe the perches and wipe down with a moist cloth. Once a month, I take the cage apart and do a complete cleaning of the cage, toys and perches.

A well-groomed bird is a happy bird. Grooming is very important. I like to maintain their wings short to avoid accidents. Remember that birds and ceiling fans do not mix. Don’t forget to clip their nails once in a while. You can clip them yourself; just make certain that you keep styptic powder just in case there is any bleeding. If you are afraid to groom them yourself, many of the smaller pet stores offer bird grooming services.

A social bird is a happy bird. Cockatiels need attention. You need to play with your bird and interact with your bird. Try to teach your bird how to talk by talking to him/her or singing to him/her.

A playful bird is a happy bird. Buy your cockatiel toys. My birds prefer toys with bells and toys that they can chew or shred.

A safe bird is a happy bird. Make certain to place the birdcage in a safe location away from drafts. Never allow your cockatiel to eat chocolate, alcoholic beverages, avocado, and caffeine. Limit the amount of salty foods.


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