Getting Over Writer’s Block for Triond Users

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I never really had a writers block (well I did but that is another story). I blew things off the top of my head and planted theminto Triond little editors relay. Happy to say that my articles aren’t to bad. It doesn’t hurt to submit an article. I can write, I just never really knew what to write about. That was a horrible excuse!

You can write about ANYTHING on Triond. I wrote so many things that I knew. Whether it’s about a Video game, a conspiracy, or maybe a recipe. Some things I never had any experience in except for thatlittle piece of information I just happen know, got me a few cents off the bat.

The more you write, the more money you make. Articles equal Money. The more Articles in more places, the more money in your pocket, or in this case your Triond Wallet. Write what you know, and research what you don’t. Learn a new thing everyday.


Don’t be afraid to Press the BUTTON!

Make sure that you at least know what your writing about. Do wing it. Put effort into making your article knowledgeable. Do research your topic before you even begin to type up a catchy tune or words. I hate seeing people who have no idea what they are talking about.

As for myself, I do realize some of my articles are pretty low budget. But that is not reason for anyone to stop writing. They say it the thought that counts. And if your thought is counting, you better count your time slower, because time is money, time is knowledge, andtime is irreplaceable.


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