Irresistiably Shy a real Sweetie

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Irresistibly shy a real sweetie

If you were my next door neighbor or lived right down the street

By now for certain I would have worn out my welcome with thee

There would be a reason a need to see you for a second everyday

Even if you live close to me you would still be too far away

Irresistibly shy a real sweetie

When my work calls I would leave you fragrant romantic notes

While at work expect a Bouquet of Flowers delivered to my door

If my workload stress me out your picture will soothe me no doubt

Your tone, your phone calls so heart felt; what can I do except melt

Irresistibly shy a real sweetie

So far so good; better is best; you put your name on it…best

Don’t let this so-call Lethal Weapon in my hand my Pencil my Pen

Deceive you my friend on paper it’s so easy to assert sexual notions

Yet in person face to face this entails more than a vivid introspection

If we were to grow old together I’ll still have an Ace in the hole

I’d still be irresistibly shy a real Sweetie your favorite cutie pie

It’s almost impossible to stop an Ace; like the way I kiss your face

When I’m in your arms close as two can be butterflies try to…flee

Just as we gather flowers to make a bright bouquet; let’s celebrate

After we make love the romance is not over I’ll sing you to sleep

Irresistibly shy a real sweetie…Ace in the Hole

Still your favorite cutie pie

Still got them…Butterflies… Irresistibly Shy


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