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RuneScape Autoer/rsbot Published by klrchronic on September 18, 2009 in RuneScape

Guide on how to get a runescape autoer/bot.

Ok so to get a runescape autoer/ bot you will need to first go to

Once the site has loaded make an account for the forums

Once your account is created go to download and download the bot.


this bot it virus free its been tested by thousands

on the site it has a great community to help you out step by step with the bot and adding new bots to it and etc.

the best part about this community is they have great guides and sell runescape membership for as low as $2.50 a month! this will help for people who cant afford the $5-$11 dollars runescape makes you pay a month.

So sign up and give this site a try and i promise you will not be let down this site it the one and ONLY virus free autoer/bot.

I have used this bot and left it on over night and woke up with 71 wc!! and make at least 10m+ auto cutting yews. So what are u waiting for and start downloading it now!!!!

This site has many great scriptors and just about scripts for everything in runescape. no need to to put hours of boring training now when you can it with just one click of the mouse. Dont just take my word for it to the site and check it out for yourself today! i hope this helped many!


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