Dream Meanings

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Today many of us dream and much of what we imagine has little to do with the real world around us. Bits of images remain in our mind after the dream. The feeling I get is like running after a train as it disappears in the distance.m A lot of us want to remember why we dream, psycologists say that it helps interpret them in order to understand the stressful periods we are going through but so far dreams are still up to individual interpretations and the dreamer should know that the many ways of analysing dreams does not prove this to be an exact science.
I began to get curious about dreams because of nightmares I had as a young adult. I remember having one that caused me to wake up shouting and rip off one of favorite pastel drawings in my early twenties. I remember that was a drawing of a Swiss castle with a flag
but I didn’t remember the dream. Scientists say that nightmares are common in children and young adults especially when they go through different growth stages and learn to cope with the stress of adult
Everybody dreams although most people remember just fragments if anything at all. Some say that one can influence their dreams by thinking of something before sleeping as others state that watching a scary picture at night is going to influence the person’s dream.
One way to improve recall is to keep a note pad near the bed at night and jot down a few notes as soon as you awake. Most likely the dreamer is going to remember a final fragment but by repeating this excercise in keeping a log of the dream gradually the dreamer is bound to remember more. The key is to want to remember, I’m told.
I remember that watching Chiller Theatre at night, a horror series program, would cause me to have the occasional nightmare and I also remember that I had to sleep with the door open.
When one dreams, the eyes goes through a period of raid movements called REM. Interfering with that will cause the sleeper to be discomforted as he hasn’t been allowed to dream. This was when scientists associated a physiological reaction to the ability


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