How to save a buck or two buying and selling online

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Nowadays, saving a few dollars is vital. Thanks to bad economic times in which almost every country in the world is submerged, saving is nearly impossible, especially when buying and selling items online. Recently however, a new store opens its doors to the world.  While it is still growing, there are thousands of products to choose from in many different categories, and prices are in most cases lower than those at similar online stores. Soon this could be the crasher of many bargain-auction sites, especially when considering their pricing structure, ease of use, and available perks such as unlimited listing time.

TripleClicks’s storefront features a member’s area, and just like any other online auction or bargain site, visitors wanting to buy or sell are required to register, however FREE. There are two parts of the site that are discussed in this article. One of them is pretty simple, which is the buying mechanism, and the other is the selling of goods and services; which in many cases is cheaper than the competition.

 Buying is relatively easy. Once registered, one can easily purchase goods and/or services using various methods of payments, such as major credit or debit cards and PayPal. There is no fee for registering or buying any item for that matter. To sell an item on the other end requires paying a fee for the listing. The site operates on a pre-pay for selling basis.  This is what they call “credits;” which must be purchased first in order for any member to be able to list one or several items. In essence 1credit=1item, and members pay anywhere from $0.19 – $1.99 for each listing. Something that certainly attracts members is the fact that listings remain as long as the seller wants to, and without incurring any additional charges. Contrary to other sites that limit the listing time and charge its member for relisting.

Notice, too that the more items the seller will offer, the lesser the amount to pay for credits, unless he or she elects to buy one credit at a time. Buying a bulk of credits at a time seems to be a viable solution for the so called <u>power sellers</u>, who have thousands of items to offer. Below is an explanation of the credit purchasing structure:

One single credit – $1.99

3 Credits for $2.97

12 credits for $4.68

50 credits for $14.50

250 credits for $47.50

What happens to the money after an item is sold? Members have two options: one to leave the money in the member’s account, or to cash out the proceeds of the sale. While the company charges a flat fee for cash out options, take into consideration that the fees are minimal. Here is the pricing structure for cashing out the proceeds; which are sent as an electronic transfer to the member’s PayPal account or the company’s MasterCard. If the seller elects to have a check mailed, then a $7.00 processing fee is charged for the service. Below are the fees for using the cash out option.

If the cash-out amount is:

less than $50, the company deducts $2

If $50 to $100, they’ll deduct $3

If $101 to $249, they’ll  deduct $5

If $250 to $499, they’ll deduct $7

If $500 to $999, they’ll deduct $15

If $1,000 or more, they’ll deduct $25

Overall, TripleClicks offers a great opportunity for those wanting to buy and/or sell items online at unbeatable prices. While the company is still growing, it won’t be long before one hears that the new store has crashed the competition.


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