How to Find the Best Deals on Home Decor

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Look online for a vast wealth of informational resources. Book on interior design, and decor are everywhere and can be quite expensive, however I like a good buy on everything and one place I have found great deals on books is an online site called is an Ebay subsidiary and they have great buys on books and the shipping fees are great. It is a great way to expand your library and get the best information on decorating and home design.

Get an account set up with Ebay. Ebay has some of the most hard to find merchandise out there. Have an incomplete set of old china? Chances are you will find the matching piece on Ebay. Want to expand your collection of Fire King Stoneware, check ebay. Paintings? Wall art? Bedding and name it, you can find it on Ebay. I like to try to find individuals on Ebay trying to sell their personal collection in order to get the best deals. You don’t have to bid -although this is the best way to get the best price, you can also search for “buy it now” merchandise. I also use Amazon too. Its a great place to find out in advance if the product you are in the market for is worth the money as the customer reviews are extremely honest and helpful.

Find Antique Malls-I have found some wonderful great buys at antique malls. Contrary to the name of these malls, you can find things that aren’t necessarily antique by definition but nonetheless unique and valuable. I have found great secondhand items here and once revamped they are beautiful and can serve a decorative or functional service anew. My husband bought a page of baseball cards for $20. Turns out two of them had a Beckett Book Value of $200.00 a piece. Whether its to complete collections, or start one antique malls have something for everyone. I always check these stores for great unique decorative items.

Visit good Flea markets-Not all flea markets are the same, but the good ones are worth the extra mile. What constitutes a “good” flea market? One that has a great deal of local sellers and not one that has a lot of dime store seconds on the tables. I look for great furniture that can be re purposed, etc. Have a good eye for that which is quality and that which is junk and don’t be afraid to negotiate that asking price down.


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