Tips for Mob Wars on facebook

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That last few times I went on Facebook I’ve been getting invites to join the Mafia in a game called Mob Wars. I waste my time on countless other games on facebook, so I figured here is a change to try one more. On the first page of Mob Wars it states, ”Join the Mafia, and start your own mob. Band together with your friends to become the most powerful force in the elite criminal underworld of Facebook.” From there I figures I walk you through my first day playing Mob Wars.

On the first page appears, you guest it, a mobster. He has a cliché pinstrip suit on and he greets you, “Welcome to the big city, kid… you look like you could use some dough. We’ll have you on your feet in no time.” From there it asks if you would go mug someone, if so complete this you can earn $200-300.

Second Step: I simply choose the “do job” button and the results then follow. There is no animation actually showing any mugging. The screen then says, “Successfully completed the mugging.” It also shows I used 1 energy and gained $210 and 1 experience point.

Third Step: ” The mobster tells me, “good job kid, and keep the cash. Jimmy’s also got a stash back at his house. Let’s go take that back before he gets home.”

Then the option for doing a HOUSE BURGLARY is given to me. Again, I Click the “Do Job”, but this time it tells me I need 1 Crowbar to complete the job.

Fourth Step: the mobster intrusts me “buy yourself a crowbar so you can break into that house.” So with the money I earned from the mugging I buy a CROWBAR.

Fifth Step: the mobster tells me ”Go for it, kid. Break in and grab the stuff.”

Sixth Step: It shows that I completed the HOUSE BURGLARY successfully and then states I used 3 energy and gained $1133 and 3 experience points.

Seventh Step: the mobster says, “You know, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret – these jobs ain’t half bad, but I gotta show you how to make some real cash…”

Eighth Step: From here I continue doing a few more house burglaries or muggings or I can move onto THE CITY. I go to the city and the mobster says, “The real money comes from business, kid. Get yourself a little protection money and you can really go far.” Ninth Step: I’m given the option to buy an EMPTY LOT to start earning income. I buy it. I’m told “Now you’ve got what we call cash flow. Every hour you’ll collect payments, even when you’re away. Now ain’t that sweet?” If you get this far on the first day playing Mob Wars, it’s a great way for your character to earn lots of money while you are away from the computer, because as every minutes passes weather you are playing or not your character is earning money.

Tenth Step: “Now it’s time for a little action, but first let’s get you a proper gat, kid.”

I buy a COLT 1191. The screen tells you it gives you an attack power of 2 and a defense power of 2. The mobster says,”Colt’s a real nice piece. It ain’t as nice as the one I got, but it’ll do, good on you, kid. I hear there’s a little brawl going on down at the warehouse. Let’s see how good of a shot you are.”

Eleventh Step: Then it gives you the option to Go PICK A FIGHT with an enemy mob.

It gives you a list of mobs to choose to attack. Each fight will earn you money but more importantly experience points. Each mob has a Level and the amount of people (1-5), you are attacking. I’m instructed, “Now get in there and fight – and hey, don’t forget to watch your back, capiche?”

Twelfth Step: The screen tells me that my “mob fought with: 1 Colt 1911
Larry’s mob fought with: No items.” I won the fight, taking 10 damage and dealing 19 damage to your enemy. I gained $111 and 2 experience points. At this point I realized

Across the top of the screen it shows your CASH, HEALTH,ENERGY, and STAMINA. All of these increase just by stay online. So the long you stay, even if you are not doing anything else, these stats increase.

Thirteenth Step: I picked a fight with a mob I knew I’d loss to just to see the results.

It said, “Your mob fought with: 1 Colt 1911 Brad’s mob fought with: 1 Milkor M32 MGL
You lost the fight, taking 22 damage and dealing 7 damage to your enemy.”

Fourteenth Step: At this point the mobster tells me, “Havin a ball, kid, but you look a bit beat. I think it’s time for you to meet some friends of mine.” I’m told that to increase the number of weapons you fight with you need to increase your MOB SIZE. This is when you go and ask your friends on face book to be added to Mob Wars.

Fifteenth Step: If you ask a friend to join it says, “YOUR SCREEN NAME wants you to join their mob in Mob Wars, a Mafia-style combat game played on Facebook. Start out as a petty thief and work your way up to be boss of a criminal empire.”

Sixteenth Step: Then it says, “Now you’re ready to start playing Mob Wars. You are free to do whatever you want and start working your way up the ranks. You have been given FULL ENERGY to get you started!” Across the top of the screen you can choose: HOME, JOBS, CITY, STOCKPILE, FIGHT, HITLIST, GODFATHER, and MY MOB.

JOBS is your chance to, “Make some fast money and gain experience.” and gives you the following options

Payout: $200 – $300
Experience: +1

House Burglary
Payout: $800 – $1200
Experience: +3

Stoplight Car Theft
Payout: $1400 – $2500
Experience: +5

Liquor Store Robbery
Payout: $2800 – $4600
Experience: +8

THE CITY, expanse and unlocks new cities the longer you play. You begin in New York. The second city you unlock is Chicago. There are around 10 cities you unlock all together. As you, “Claim control of the city to earn recurring income.’

THE STOCKPILE is the where a got my gun. Here you equip your mob with weapons, vehicles, and gadgets.

FIGHT, is a list of mobs you can pick fights with and earn money and experience points.

At this point I logged out and so my first experience with Mob Wars felt successful. I didn’t log in for another 3 days and by that time I’d earned about $20,000 on that empty plot I’d purchased. So that’s why I highly recommend you at least get to that step on your first day. There is still much more to learn this is just the very start. There is still The GODFATHER where you can help The Godfather, earn big rewards in return. There is also The Hospital where you pay a doctor to stitch up those bullet wounds, and “Made Men” where you go pay your respects to the top mobsters on Mob Wars. If this sounds up your alley then go on face book get to it. Tips for other facebook games here.


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