Becoming a wife

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Many women wonder why the man they have spent years with has not married them yet. Many women wonder why they can meet men and date men but can’t get the point of marriage.

You have to be wife material in that man’s eyes. You may feel as though you are good enough to be his wife but how does he see you. If this is the man you want then his opinion of you should be important and if it is not, then why do you want to marry him.

Most men are specific about the kind of woman they want as a wife and this woman may have characteristics of his mother (if she was good one). You don’t have to fit every criteria but you MUST fit most than hardly any.

Have respect for yourself and others. Respect the way you act and speak. Respect the way you treat him and his family. Take care of your home and take care of your children (if you have some).

Now sometimes we try to change to be with someone and this is not good. You have to be true to yourself and if you do not already possess these qualities naturally, then faking will only surface later in the relationship.

There is somebody for everybody but for that one, you have to be the one. If you find that too much time has been spent with this person and he still has not committed to marrying you, then LEAVE. Do not waste time with someone that does not feel you worthy enough to carry their last name. The longer you stay, the longer you block that person that does find you worthy enough.

Women stop sacrificing your dreams and hopes because of a man. Most woman dream of being a bride and wife but there are alot that may never see that dream come true. Do not settle for anything less than what you want. If a man truly loves you then he will make that commitment without fear. And if he doesn’t – move on and find someone who will.


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