Bejeweled on facebook cheats and tips

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Bejeweled Blitz is a great way to spend many hours ignoring all your loved ones, putting aside all your responsibilities, and being extremely unproductive with your day. That being said, I can’t stop playing it.

They added many new aspect to the Facebook version that I prefer over the older version.Things like; Multiplier Gems, Speed Bonuses – and the best of all – a one minute time limit. However, it doesn’t seem possible to walk away after just one game. I realized the other day that after two hours I probably played over 100 games in that time span. If you haven’t yet played the NEW BEJEWELED TWIST, I highly suggest that game as well.


How you play is easy enough. You simply swap adjacent identical colored jewels to create a line of , at least, 3 in a row. You can do this either, horizontally or vertically, to create a match and thus eliminate that row and earn your points. Simple enough, but it will have you picturing bejeweled swapping in your head hours after you have walked away from the computer.

Then there are the new aspects I mention that the Facebook version has.


During your first few game you will want to try and get jewels 3 in a row. But as you improve and get used to the game, you will want to keep an eye out for bigger matches. So, even though you might see a quick opportunity to match 3 in a row you will want to resist that urge and hold out for the opportunity to match 4 or 5. This will create “Power Gems” and “Hypercubes.” that I mentioned in the “How to Play” paragraph. These special pieces are important in creating larger explosions, which will lead to higher scores. In addition it will help mix up the board, potentially making it easier to find new matches.

Be wise with the use of your “Power Gems“. There are 4 positions that won’t allow you to get the maximum points from your “Power Gems” 1. If you line up a “Power Gem” on the very bottom row. 2. If you line up a “Power Gem” on the very top row 3. If you line up a “Power Gem” on the very first column ( on the right of the screen). 4. If you line up a “Power Gem” and the very last column (on the left of the screen). Anywhere else and destroy at least 12 gems at once, earning you a Multiplier Gem. But you can only earn one Multiplier Gem every 10 seconds.

If you can keep your speed bonus up at all times. This will only come will repeated practice. After awhile your eyes get used to scanning the board quickly, and finding matches. The maxed-out speed bonus every move is worth 1200 points!

Multiplier jewels are not limited to matches, but also to your current speed bonus. For instants, with a x3 multiplier, each match made with a full speed bonus would be worth 3600 points. If you’re able established a high value multiplier, maintaining your speed bonus is valuable.

Matches made lower on the board are more likely to create cascades. If it’s hard to make matches lower on the board, then try creating and possibly using a Hypercube.

Use your “Hypercube“ wisely! Don’t just us it on the first color you see. You want to use it to on the color with the most gems on the screen to earn the maximum amount of points. Look and see if you have any multiplier gems on the board and consider matching it to the color of that jewel.

At first you want care much about the stats on the Game Over screen. However, once you do you will find it is a great place to discover strategies of your own. I’d suggest you take the time to review this chart on your highest scoring games to learn the patterns of your own success.


If you truly want to stop this horribly unproductive, relationship destroying, addiction that you’ve acquire by play bejeweled for hours on end, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can always just cheat. Heck why not? You can beat all your friends on Facebook and still have time for going about your day. I will give you fair warning though, once you find these cheats you probably won’t end up playing the game the honest way again. These cheats will allow you to turn any Jewel you want into a POWER GEM, MULTIPLIER GEM, HYPER GEM.. So, if you really are interested in trying out cheats, you check out related links through google for step by step guide to how bet all your friends. Honestly it’s the only way to get over the horrible addiction you have, and get back to real life face-to-face interaction.

Match 4 jewels to create what they call a “Power Gem“. This causes your gem to flash, but you can’t earn point until you use this jewel and make, at least, a 3 in a row match. Once you use this “Power Gem“, it blows up surrounding jewels and you earn points for the addition jewels that exploded.

Match 5 jewels to create what they call a “Hypercube”. This causes your gem to change into a spherical, glowing, opal jewel. You can swap this Hypercube with any vertical or horizontal jewel that it is touching, and it will blow-up all the jewels on the board with that color. So the key is to find the jewel that appears the most on the board at the time you use it.

They also have what they call a “Multiplier Gem”. These come about when one swap results in 12 or more gems disappearing from the board. Matching the Multiplier Gem will multiply the points you get from then until the end of the game

Also you can acquire a speed bonus in this version. You earn this by continually making matches. You must make 3 matches within 2 seconds to start your speed bonus. As your Speed Bonus increases, the more time you have in between matches before it goes away. The Speed Bonus begins at +200 and tops out at +1000.

My favorite feature of the Facebook Version is playing against your friends. Anyone in your friends list who plays Bejeweled Blitz will show up on the leaderboard to the right of the game. If there is a friend you want to play against who doesn’t yet know about Bejeweled Blitz you can invite them to play by clicking the Invite Friends button . Just click the friend(s) you would like to invite and press the Send Bejeweled Blitz Invitation button.  If you have played Bejeweled Twist i’d suggest clicking here to find out tips.


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