Top 2 Free Uninstallers

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Top 2 Free Uninstallers

Ever had a program on your computer that you were just not able to uninstall?

Here is the solution.

When you remove programs using windows add/remove programs utility, it fails to completely remove the complete program; which makes your computer become slow with time. These programs aim to completely remove installed applications including those notorious ones that just won’t uninstall because of broken/malware installations.

Top 2 freeware uninstallers:

<u>Z-Soft uninstaller:</u>

This free program can easily uninstall any program you have installed.

It has a clean interface with a list of installed programs. It can find hidden installations and remove temporary files.

The most powerful feature is its analyze mode, using which it can note all the changes a program makes during installation and revert them during uninstallation if you want. Use it when you want to be extra careful about erasing the program completely from your computer. This way, the effect of the installation is completely nullified, and no trace of it remains.

Download z-soft uninstaller from here.

<u>Revo Uninstaller:</u>

It comes with a clean interface in which you can see a list of all installed programs.

It has an innovative “hunter” mode with which you can just run the application you want to uninstall and then right click to uninstall it or change other properties related to the application, like stopping, deleting or disabling auto-start.

There are tools for deleting browsers’ cache, clearing Microsoft office junk data. When you remove a file from recycle bin, it can still be recovered, but the track cleaner allows you to irreversibly deleting files, and tool for permanently making all your deleted files irrecoverable.

It has optimization tools with an auto run manager and junk files cleaner as well.

Download Revo uninstaller here.

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