How To Make Your Women Wants You On Bed With Her?

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Do you really know or think you know what your woman wants when you go on bed with her? Do you exactly know what they want? It is always good to know what your woman really wants when she goes on bed with you because it will make the both of you more comfortable, more intimate and able to enjoy the sexual relationship together.

So, let me share with you some of the most important 3 things to make your woman feel like a real woman to enjoy the sexual relationship with you.

<u>1) Women Don’t Like To Be Treated Like A Whore</u>

Never ever start it out with a woman’s body and then go in to those love making positions. They do not want to feel like being a cheap whore. For most women, having sex starts from their mind and not from their body.

Women want to feel they are cared for and they are being complimented with lovely words that would start their mind feel a little aroused. Make her feel special and start with small conversations of romance and love with your woman.

After that, you can slowly start touch her and caress her but do not go for those HOT SPOTS yet. Just be a little patient by touching her starting from her neck, her ears and down to her lower back, and finally her thighs. All these actions and communications will make a woman’s mind being prepared to go on bed with you. Now that you have set your woman in the mood, move on to the next important step.

<u>2) Take The Lead</u>

Most women are shy in the inside although they make look strong and bold on the outside. They always prefer their man to be the real man who would hold her and lead her with the sense of assurance and security.

Show your woman the direction you want to have the sexual intercourse with her. Hold her hand and lead her to the bed or the chair or sit her down on the floor if that’s where you would like to have the whole scene take place.

When it comes to this stage, never ask your woman questions like “is it okay to take off your bra now? “. Instead, just tell her “I am going to remove your bra now to make you feel more comfortable.” So, just tell your woman what you are doing and never ask her if it is okay to do so.

<u>3) You Are Not In The Movies</u>

The third most important thing is never ever perform that stuff you see on porn movies. They are all just in the movies and you are not. Your woman does not want to have that kind of experience especially of taken from porn movies. Never expect your woman to do those that you see in the porn movies unless they are the actresses themselves.

On top of that, most women don’t really care mush about your penile size or how stiff and lasting it would be. Make sure your woman feels comfortable in her position and the whole sexual thing will come naturally.

Women would just want to have a pleasurable and fun in bed with their men. So, more importantly is that woman just want to have their men to perform well in bed in order to give them the feeling of assurance of satisfaction both emotionally and physically.


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