Create a Will

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A Will has been defined by the Indian Succession Act as : ‘Will means the legal declaration of a testator with respect to his property which he desires to be carried into effect after his death.’

Things that you would need to know in order to create your will:

1. A will can be made on ordinary paper. Stamp paper is not necessary.

2. There is no prescribed format given to create a will, and it can be created in any language that you are comfertable with.

3. It is recommended that you get the will typed (for legibility) , although it can also be handwritten.

4. Choose a sheet of proper quality and leave margin on both sides of the sheet (in case the sheet gets torn) to create the will.

5. Leave a signature (or a thumb impression) on every page of your will (in case your will runs into several pages).

6. The will must be attested by two witnesses and their full names and addresses should be written on the will. The witness cannot be a beneficiary of the will. You may or may not disclose the contents of the will to the witnesses. It is recommended that all the witnesses sign in eachother’s presence.

7. It is not absolutely essential to get a will registered, but it is recommended that you get your will registered.

8. Store the will in a safe place, where it is unlikely to get damaged or lost.

9. A will is a very important document. It is therefore recommended that you take the help of a lawyer and an accountant to create your will.

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Note: This article is meant to serve as guidelines for those interested to create a will. This is not meant to be legal advice intended to give any particular person specific guidance on what to do in any specefic set of individual circumstances.


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