How to Study by Reading From The Textbook

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In colleges, some professors require students to read every chapter for exams. This is painstaking and inconvenient. Most books certainly have chapters that are more than forty pages long and this often make us forget what we read. However, the materials can be actually remembered if a certain studying technique is applied. Follow the steps below to know how.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Textbook,
  • Pencil,
  • Highlighter,
  • Dictionary,
  • Exercise book,
  • Laptop or Computer with Microsoft word document,
  • Quiet place,
  • Enough time.

Step 1

In the quiet place take a deep breath as you open the chapter.

Step 2

Read the first paragraphs to know about the chapter in general.

Step 3

In the next core paragraph highlight points that seem important to you. Also if you do not understand certain words use the dictionary to know their meanings. Remember to copy down the meanings next to the words so you understand the sentences.

Step 4

Once you get the feeling that you have understood the material from the paragraph in your own words write it down in your exercise book. Make sure you note down the chapter number, name and the subheading of the paragraph if it is included.

Step 5

For every paragraph repeat this process.

Step 6

Once you are done reading and writing go to the laptop or computer to open Microsoft document.

Step 7

Open a new page and type on it the summary of the entire chapter in your own words. If needed you can use the notes you took from the chapter.

Step 8

As you write the summary of the chapter add your own opinion to it about what you felt while reading the paragraphs.

Step 9

Save both the summary and the exercise book so you can use them as quick revision materials for the exam. Here by writing the paragraphs in the exercise book and then typing the summary you tested your understanding of the paragraphs and at the same time programmed your brain to save information in it about the chapter.

Tips to consider

-It is best to utilize this technique two weeks prior to exam. That is how you will have enough time to take in the information and remember better.

-Certain textbooks are not helpful, yet professors tell students to read their chapters. If information to you seem vague go online for additional help.


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