Almond and Coconut Milkshake

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Have you ever tried Almond Coconut milkshake? It is a delicious and healthy drink. Almonds are good for your brain also. This milkshake is very easy to make. Enjoy this drink during hot summer days. Almond and Coconut milkshake does take some time and patience to make but the result is a delicious and healthy drink

Add one litre of milk in a large pan. Cook the milk on a medium heat for about twenty to twenty five minutes. Keep stirring the milk otherwise it can burn and will stick to the bottom of the pan. Now add five table spoons of the  sugar, half cup of shredded coconut and crushed almonds. Almonds should be crushed in to a powder. Keeping stirring the almonds and coconut in the milk for another five to ten minutes.  You will see it’s color change to light green.

Turn off the heat and let the Milk mixture cool down for one hours and then put it in the fridge for another two hours. Do not serve hot, it will not taste that great.

Put this mixture in a blender, add Rose water and blend it for 5 minutes. Milkshake is ready. Pour milkshake in a tall glass and top it with Vanilla or with your favorite ice cream. Enjoy.

If you want it really cold, you can also add some crushed ice in the blender and then put in the glass. Either way is fine but don’t forget to top with the one scoop of your favorite ice cream.

I also like to top with one spoon of crushed almonds and shredded almonds for additional taste.


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