Installing Analysis ToolPak in Excel 2007

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The Analysis ToolPak is an add-in feature in Excel. The purpose of the Analysis ToolPak is to perform important Statistical calculations with ease. With Analysis ToolPak, you don’t have to remember formulas and need to reform lengthy calculations. Analysis toolpak will do it for you . Installing Analysis ToolPak is very simple and easy. Once installed, it adds the Data Analysis command which will then perform key statistical functions. These functions include ANOVA (Single Factor or Two Factor), Moving Average, Correlation, Descriptive Statistics, Regression, t-tests and several other critical Statistical concepts.

Once ToolPak is installed, calculations of Descriptive Statistcs, Regression and others is very simple and easy to do. For example, in order to calculate Regression, you will go to Data Analysis, Click on Regression and follow the simple steps to add values. Simply selecting the values will calculate Regression. In other words, you don’t have to get the Regression formula and add the values and calculate it. Data Analysis will do it for you.

Note this article is to install Analysis ToolPak in Excel 2007 version. If you have Excel 2003 version, please read my other article, “how to install Analysis ToolPak on your Excel 2003”.

Open Excel application.

Click Microsoft Office button on the left.

Click Excel Options

Click “Adds on” and then Go.

Select Analysis ToolPak by selecting check box and click on OK. Analysis ToolPak is installed on your Excel 2007 version.

To check if Analysis ToolPak is really installed on your Excel 2007 version, go to Excel, open new document and click on “Data” tab. If you see Data Analysis under Data tab, it means Analysis ToolPak is successfully installed. You can now begin your Statistical calculations.


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