29 Qualities That Would Make A Guy Appear Perfect to Me

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1. If he could not be an atheist, that’d be great.  If he went to church, that’d be nice.  If he happened to be missionary baptist, that’d be pretty sweet.

God used to be a huge part of my life.  I’m not so sure what happened to make him not, but liking guys repeatedly who don’t believe in God at all have changed my views a lot.  I wouldn’t mind going back to some of my old ways though.

2. He needs to have a great sense of humor.

I’m a very funny girl.  I know opposites attract, but I really don’t think I could ever be with a dull person.

3. He has to be spontaneous.

Somethings I don’t mind planning in advance, but I can’t plan every second of the day in advance.  Things never turn out how you want them to anyway.  Well, not all the time at least.

4. He needs to be laid back. 

I absolutely hate drama.  I think it’s nice just to have someone who’s chill and doesn’t get worked up over little things.

5. He can’t be overprotective.

I don’t need another dad.

6. He can’t get jealous easily.

I have so many guy friends.  I’m not a whore, therefore, friends is all that they are.  I don’t like drama and I don’t trust many girls.  That’s why I like to hangout with guys more.

7. He can’t be a liar.

I’ve been involved in that situation too many times.  I really cannot stand it.  It’s stupid to keep something alive when it’s based on lies.  It’s only a matter of time before that relationship dies anyway, no matter how much hope you’ve put into it.

8. He can’t be a softy.

Well, ok, sometimes it’s cute.  I really don’t want a guy who cries all the time or anything like that.  I want to feel protected by a guy.  I don’t want to be the protector.

9. I have to be able to carry on a conversation with him.

Conversations are two way streets.  I hate being on the phone with someone and we just sit there in silence because we don’t know what to say.  I hate texting someone and trying to change subjects just to fit their liking and still only getting “k” or “ya” responses.  I hate one word texts.

10. I don’t want him to do drugs.

It seems like too much to ask these days, just to find a clean cut guy.

11. If he weren’t an alcoholic, that’d be great too.

I mean, I don’t really mind alcohol, but it bums me out when he can’t remember what he tells me.

12. I love guys who take risks.

Nothing stupid, like drugs or alcohol-like though.  Just fun adventurous things.

13. I like guys to have a cute, adventurous, romantic side to them.

The king in which you walk to the park at two o’clock in the morning and climb on top of one of the dugouts and lay there and watch the stars together.

14. He has to love the stars.

There’s just something about them that calm me.  I could lay there for hours just starrying at them wondering what things are really like up there.

15. I’d love it if he were older than me.

I’ve always been attracted to guys at least two to three years older than me.  It kind of grosses me out if a guy I like is younger than me.  It just seems weird to me.

16. I’d love a guy who’s taller than me.

I can’t say I’ve ever liked a guy shorter than me.  If he’s over six foot, I love it.  I also don’t really mind it if he’s only a couple inches taller than me.  It’s cute when you can stare him straight in the eye without breaking your neck.

17. He can’t be a sex addict.

Guys like that are annoying.

18. He needs to have goals for his future.

I love guys who are super determined to achieve things.  I’m really attracted to that for some reason.

19. He should want kids.

I’ve grown up in a big-ish family.  I really want kids.  I really want a nice little-ish, big, happy family.

20. I love guys who love country music.

I’m not a hick.  I’ve always grown up with country music and it’s nice when I find a guy who doesn’t shun country music like most of them do.  I’d really like him to be into other kinds of muisc as well, but for some reason I rarely end up liking guys who like country music.

21. He should be sarcastic.

I’m super sarcastic and I love it when I can carry  on a long sarcastic conversation with someone.  If it’s the kind of sarcastic that makes me want to punch him in the face, well, that’s totally a turn off.

22. I should be able to be myself around him.

I like being my random self.  I like not always having to spend hours getting ready just to impress him.  I hate it when someone has to like me for something I’m not because they don’t like the real me.

23. He can’t have a huge ego.

I know, I know.  Guys can be into themselves, girls are the same way.  Sometimes it’s not at all taht bad, but dear lord when he’s the only thing he cares about, it’s obnoxious.

24. He can’t steal from me.

When it’s secretive, that’s pretty bad.  First of all, if I found out about it, that’s retarded.  At least cover up your tracks a little.  Second of all, that totally breaks the whole trust barrier.

When it’s right infront of me, that’s pretty obnoxious.  I mean, when you actually get in my purse and grab money out of it for cigarettes, that’s annoying, esepcially when I have to beg you repeatedly to give me my money back…even though you’ll never give in.  First of all, if you want to smoke, be able to afford it.  Second of all, who does that?

25. He has to be attractive.

I know, I know.  Looks shouldn’t matter, but in reality , they do.  A part of liking someone has to be a physical attraction, if only even a little.

26. He has to know when to stop.

Especially when it comes to that play fighting.  You know the kind where you wrestle around or something.  Sometiemes, guys get too competitive and it actually starts to turn into this abuse session.

27. He can’t be abusive.

Mentally or physically.

28. He can’t be psycho.

Especially the kind that start laughing when they choke you because they think it’s funny.  Definite red flag.

29. Most of all: He has to love Cracker Barrel.

That’s my favorite restaurant.  I go there all the time.  Love it.


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