37 Things I Hate

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1. Those tricky slow drivers.  You know, the ones that go 45 in a 55 in a no passing zone, but speed up to 60 when it’s finally legal for you to pass them.

2. People that stop talking to me for no reason relevant to me.  I wouldn’t be as disappointed in that person if I got a legit reason as to why a long friendship abruptly ends.  I would respect their decision so much more.

3. When people twist my words around.  Seriously, if you’re going to quote me, quote me right & don’t make something out of it that it’s not.

4. Confrontation.  If it’s a legit confrontation taht I see coming, then I don’t mind it.  Those ridiculous ones that catch me off guard really hit the dislike level.

5. Overplayed songs on the radio.  I like finding those undiscoverd bands on Myspace.  Once they’ve been discovered, it’s like they’re the only thing that exists.

6. When my pen runs out of ink.  If I’m on this extreme writing streak, this is definitely a killer of the flow of my thoughts.

7. Cell phone chargers that stop charging your phone in the middle of the night.  I text A LOT.  It’s difficult to keep myself occupied without a cell phone during school. : )

8. Writer’s block.

9. Itchy eyes.  This is such an inconvenience, especially if I’m in public or in the process of doing something important.

10. Those people who get a new Myspace or Facebook every few months.  Keep the same one and just edit your information!

11. Liars.

12. People with no sense of humor.  It doesn’t kill you to laugh a little.

13. People who flip out over petty things.  It’s ridiculous.  LIfe’s too short, just chill.

14. How I don’t know how to play guitar…yet.

15. Laying in bed thinking…about everything.

16. How some people get life handed to them on a silver platter.  I think everyone needs to know what it feels like to actually work to achieve greatness.

17. When people don’t remember those nice conversations I carried on with them when they were drunk.  I always secretly wish a lot of them mean what they say.

18. Cloudy nights.  It’s always a bummer when I can’t look up to a star-filled sky.

19. Thunderstorms during the day.  It’s obnoxious being out and about and getting caught in a storm.  I think they’re much better at night.  It’s a lot less depressing.

20. Not having a job.  A stable source of income for my teenage self would be ravishing.

21. Being underestimated.  Although, this gives me a greater motivation to work harder and prove people wrong.

22. The thought of growing up.

23. Dreams that I wake up from right when something good is happening.

24. Boring people.

25. People who can’t read well.  It won’t kill you to take some classes to better your reading skills.  It’s something that is necessary in the world.

27. The buzzing sound a fly makes.  For some reason, it totally makes the inside of my ears itch.  It’s annoying.

28. Tap water.  All of that crap that I can feel sliding down my throat with each gulp is a total turn off.  Bottled water, please.

29. People who have big egos.  Get over yourself.

30. Martyrs.

31. People who lie so much they actually believe their lies are the truth.

32. Not being able to decide what to wear.  It’s such a frustration and can make or break your mood for the day.

33. When dogs whine.

34. Not being able to fall asleep when I’m really tired.

35. Allergies!!!!

36. Worrying.  In all honesty, worrying is a total waste of time.

37. Sitting at the computer for hours barely getting anything accomplished.


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